Spinzilla 2014 – Day 3

Yarn happened today! Plied and finished and everything and I’m so pleased. But first I want to mention that Spinzilla sent out an email to all participants announcing that we raised $13,000 with our entry fees. That money goes to education and outreach and teaching the next generation to spin. Yay!

Now on to the pretty!

I spent my energy on the Sapphire and Topaz today and it paid off. Its one thing to know that the singles you are spinning will soon be plied and will make beautiful yarn. Its another thing to actually have beautiful yarn in hand.

I finished off the second bobbin…

… and started plying.

That’s one of what will be two skeins. I had big plans to get all the plying done this evening but my hands have started to cramp up and I need a break. After three days of spinning, I’m starting to feel it. But this pretty little skein (its approximately 190 yds) is all the motivation I need to get up early and knock out the second.

So I’ll be needing another project for my wheel by tomorrow afternoon. That meant a trip to the fiber stash, all five bins of it! But, after half an hour of playing and petting and sniffing the stash, I still can’t decide. You’re shocked to hear that, I know. I have managed to narrow it down to these three choices:

The red/brown blend is 33% Alpaca / 67% Corriedale.

The silver/gray is 100% baby Alpaca.

The pastel blend is 100% merino.

Hmmm….. The Anti-Spinning Feline Overlord seems to prefer the pastel merino. And by prefer, I mean that she is currently (as I write this post) laying on top of and shedding her fur all over it.

But I can’t let her pick the fiber for me. She gets her way too often as it is.

Any thoughts? Any strong opinions one way or the other?


9 thoughts on “Spinzilla 2014 – Day 3

  1. You are so industrious it makes me tired just reading about it. On the other hand, you get so much done that no one will notice that I’m a slacker!
    I like the red.


  2. I have been thinking about the red fiber. It appears to me that it might have been dyed using cochineal. A few years back, a friend picked up a few grams of dried cochineal for me at a market in Mexico City. It was so expensive that I didn’t use but a tiny bit. The result of my experiment was very like your fiber.
    I can’t imagine how much trouble that tiny bug is to harvest.


  3. Red it is! I do like that roving. but, then I like them all and that’s why I needed you. 🙂

    I’ll get it started this evening and hopefully I’ll have a picture of it by the end of day.

    Thanks to everyone for chiming in!


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