Spinzilla 2014 – Day 4

Round and round, that spinning wheel has been cranking out new yarn for me. I feel pretty good about what I have to show you tonight. To be honest it’s tough to push through all that spinning singles. It seems endless to me. Plying is so much more fun.

I finished plying the Sapphire and Topaz. Its alllllll done. My second skein turned out to be 238 yds for a total of 428 plied yds.

Also a second mini skein of the Pima and Silk happened today. I’ve been spinning up singles in small batches on my Turkish drop spindle and the playing them together on the wheel. I do wish you could touch this stuff. It’s so very soft, so very dreamy. I’m petting it every chance I get.

So with the Sapphire and Topaz all finished up, I needed a new fiber to tackle. Thanks to everyone who chimed in and helped me make a pick! I went with the red/brown blend. .Its 67% Corriedale (that’s the red) and 33% Alpaca(that’s the brown).

Its spins so easy and smooth; I like it. The single seems to be a coming out a light fingering weight. I think I’ll get 120 – 140 yds per ounce. I have a pound of it. This should keep me occupied through the end of Spinzilla.

It doesn’t seem to have a name so I’ve decided to call it Cherries and Chocolate.


Mmmhmmmm chocolate.



4 thoughts on “Spinzilla 2014 – Day 4

  1. My, you have been busy! You will be all set for the entire winter at this rate.
    The yardage is impressive. Do you receive updates on how your team members are progressing? I hope so.


    1. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed watching the progress. To answer your question, yes, I’m keeping up with Team HCW progress through postings on ravelry. They are doing great! Plenty of them have spun more than me.

      In fact that gives me an idea for my next post….


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