Spinzilla – Day 7 (and the end!)

Spinzilla ends tonight at midnight and while I planned to spin all the way until the last minute, I just can’t. My fingers are cramp-y and my shoulders are complaining and my eyelids weigh a ton. How did I ever pull all night cram sessions in college?

Here everything I made this week. 

(from left to right) The Sapphire and Topaz worked out to 428 yds. The Pima and Silk is 122 yds. The Cherries and Chocolate (mhmmm chocolate) is 235 yds. All of it is two ply.




Spinzilla will give me credit for each yard of single spun and each yard plied. In other words, if I had

  • 100 yds of Single A
  • 100 yds of Single B
  • and plied them together

I’d be credited with 300 yds; 200 yds for the singles and then another 100 for the plying.

Since I have 785 yds of plied yarn, I’ll be turning in for 2355 yds of spinning. That’s 7065 feet. That’s 1.3 miles. That’s a lot of spinning. No wonder my fingers are creaking!

I shouldn’t complain (too much) because this competition gave me exactly what I wanted: a reason to spin every night for a week. With all this practice I’ve gotten faster and my technique has improved. I mastered the worsted attenuated “long draw” and that’s been a personal goal of mine for some time.

Yep, it was a great experience. But… I miss my knitting. I think tomorrow I’ll give the wheel a break and go find my WIP Secret Garden shawl and see if she’ll take me back.





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