Life after Spinzilla

I went back to my knitting this week and it felt wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spinning. I enjoyed Spinzilla. Participating in the event was kind of like going on a vacation. It was a break from my daily routine, like a vacation. I looked forward to it and I planned how to get the most out of it, like a vacation. I took lots of pictures of everything i did and then forced them on everyone I know, like a vacation.

I had great time.

But on Monday I picked up my Mary Lennox shawl and it felt like that moment when you finally get home from your super-fun, totally awesome vacation and think “Thank God”. You know that feeling right? When you realize it’s over, you’ve survived, and now you get to go back to that daily, boring routine. You get to sit in your favorite chair (which is comfy and contoured perfectly to your butt) and drink a cup of coffee that is exactly the way you like it.  You’re done with schedules, with getting the most out of your time. Now you can put your feet up and go back to your regular, familiar life.

Well, that’s the way it felt to knit again after a week of no-knitting. I felt the relaxation come over me. That hyper part of my brain stopped yammering. The needles clicked gently together, the yarn looped into stitches, and my shawl got a little bigger. It was just what I needed.




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