Destroyer of Good Yarn

Someone in my google circles was complaining in an amazed sort of way that her cat only makes a mess of good quality yarn. She didn’t understand why her fur-baby had skipped right over the acrylic and murdered the 100% wool.


Cats only like the good stuff. If yarn companies decided to manufacture a line of yarn, and market it strictly for cats, it would be wool. Or baby alpaca.  Or cashmere. Or silk. It would be of all natural fibers, hand dyed, hand spun, and really freaking expensive. That’s what they like. That’s all they like.

I’ve shown the Anti-Spinning Feline Overlord in all her havoc wreaking glory plenty of times. If you read this blog, then you know how awesome she is and mucking up yarn-y things. But Cowardly Boy Cat does have his moments. He may be the back-up kitty around here but he does have his pride and he has done his duty and murdered more than one ball of yarn.

Here was his first kill. One day a few years ago I came home and found him like this:

Aww how sweet right? That was a skein of Manos Del Uruguay Classic Wool in colorway mandarin. He did more than tangle it all up. He’d chewed it into 18 pieces. Which is funny because I think I paid $18 for it.

Well, that was the end of happy-go-lucky-Jenn. With two (two!) marauding felines on the loose in my home I never, ever left good yarn out on my bed again. Or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve been playing defense ever since.

That poor lady, the one on google who lost her good yarn to a bad kitty… she’ll learn. She too will start hiding her good yarn in project bags and old coffee cans and behind closet doors and in the refrigerator. It will become common place, just another part of her life and when a friend asks her why she has a ball of hand painted yarn in her vegetable crisper she’ll blink and say “because I have a cat”.



9 thoughts on “Destroyer of Good Yarn

  1. One day the raw fleece I ordered was dropped off at my front door while I came in the back door. I was surprised not to be greeted on arrival.
    The cats were stationed at the ready for the great unveiling and I had to lock myself in a bedroom to even open the shipping box.
    No mention will be made of my efforts to scour said fleece.


    1. Oooo. Raw fleece? Yeah, my Feline Overlords would be demanding instant access to something that still had all the yummy sheep smell on it.

      And your poor babies didn’t get to play with it at all? Not even a little? lol


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