Thursday Poll – Knots in My Skeins Make Me Crazy

Last night I found a knot in my skein. You know what I mean. Unfortunately I think every knitter and crocheter in the world knows what I mean. The yarn-making people tied the end of one length of yarn to another and kept going.

A knot. In. My. Skein.

This time it was particular crazy-making because I’m working with some long color way, gradient yarn and the break / knot happened between two very different colors. So there was a lot of pulling out of yarn and trying to visually match up colors so I could fake a smooth gradient change. There was also a whole lot of cussing and stomping around like a 500 pound gorilla.

So the poll for today is:

Just know that no matter how you vote, it won’t change my mind. Except that “off with their heads one”. I might could be talked into that.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Poll – Knots in My Skeins Make Me Crazy

  1. You left out a choice.
    Throw the whole thing in an envelope and mail it to the yarn company. With a note. And some of your hair, roots and all.
    And cat hair, don’t forget that.

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  2. I just found a knot yesterday. When this happens in a $3 skein of craft yarn, it doesn’t bother me too much. Russian Join and continue…But when this happens in a $30 skein of hand-painted, lace weight yarn, my BF tells me to calm down before the neighbors call the cops.

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