Thursday Poll – We All Make Mistakes

I’m talking about the inevitable mistakes that find their way into our yarn-y creations of course. We all make ’em. Some we live with. Others we rip out before anyone can ever see them!



For the record, I’ve done that last one. I finished the left-side front of a cardigan and was feeling pretty pleased with myself and started the other front piece. I was half-way through it before I realized it was ALSO a left-sider. Then I sat and stared at it really, really hard and tried to fix it with the power of my brain. When that didn’t work, I started ripping.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Poll – We All Make Mistakes

  1. The mistakes only we know about make our socks truly unique. I consider these slip-ups as a sort of personal signature. Then again, I am reluctant to give away anything I know has a mistake in, so I have quite a lot of socks….

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