Finding Time

I don’t seem to have enough time for my knitting (or crocheting or spinning).

I heard that. That collective “duh” you all just made.  I know that none of us ever have enough time for everything we want to do. But this is different. My stuff is REALLY starting to back up.

 My current WIPS

A cabled cardigan that’s about… halfway done. Its turning out so nice and I’m in love with in. But its slow. Its big. It has to live at home these days so it doesn’t get worked on as much as it should.

The dark line of stitches is waste yarn. It will get pulled out when I’m ready to put in the after-thought pocket.

Baby stuff! I’ve got mittens done but there will be a hat and socks to match and that is only the start of the baby stuff that must be done in time for the baby shower, which is in the spring. I’m feeling the pressure on baby stuff.

A head-scarf-thingy out of the Dorset Down hand-spun. This is my  top priority. Its the project I can’t wait to work on. Right now it looks like this:

Yeah. I haven’t gotten very far.

Then there is the spinning. Now that the stuff for Louet is spun up I can go back to my alpaca-on-alpaca Cherries and Chocolate. I have about a pound of fiber left to spin for that.


You can see that I’m overwhelmed. Something has to give!  I’m going to make some changes that should give me more time for what is truly important in life.

1) Clean like a man. The Telegraph reported that women spend an average 10 hours per week on household tasks, while men spend only five. I figure I’ll scale back the cleaning to just wiping down kitchen counters and scoping kitty litter. Who wants to vacuum anyway, right?

2) We spend 6 mounts of our lives at red lights. I can just drive right through knit while I wait.

3) Americans spend 30 minutes per day cooking. Experts say this is the least amount of time compared to any other country in the world. Still…. I think I can do even better. I don’t need food when I have coffee.

4) We spend two hours a week exercising. I wish I could add this to the list of activities I will forgo to get myself more time but I gave up exercising 15 years ago. (and I don’t miss it! ha!)

5) Social Media. Here it is. This is where I’ll find my much needed crafting time. Americans spend 3 hours per day on social media. I’m giving that up. Completely. Except for ravelry. And blogging. And my email. And texting my knitterly friends.

I tell you what. I’ll give up all that time I spend searching the internet for pictures of kitties who behave worse than mine do.

It will be tough to give up. Cat Shaming reminds me that I am not the only human who has been completely beaten into servitude by a nine pound ball of fur. Knowing that others suffer as I suffer makes me feel less pathetic. Plus some of those kitties are just so freaking cute!

But I can give them up for now. The bad kitties will always be there, destroying toilet paper and terrorizing oversize dogs and puking on stuff. I ‘ll get back to them… after that baby shower.

5 thoughts on “Finding Time

  1. (((Jenn))),
    When you finish that cabled sweater you will be proudly wearing a work of art. Baby items can wait while baby grows/OB nurse advice. ♡ Fur babies can cuddle while knitting that hat. Your hat will be all the more special after researching the yarn, spinning, and now knitting! Your hats are always great! The closer it gets to Sept / Oct the more I think of buying a new travels spinning wheel. Frivolous to own more than one wheel, but that may be my reality. Busy in research phase for travel, etc.. I have even sent emails to The Shetland Museum for help obtaining clssses in Brae, Shetland with Ingrid. When I have done reading her name and picture comes up. Even though I have only found Ingrid I was told there are several spinners!!!! Must admit all my time is consumed dreaming of Shetland Islands and how I can fully enjoy every minute of my trip.
    Take care, di


  2. It is frustrating! Lately my knitting feels sort of like “hurry up and take your time!”

    My solution, mind this might not work for everyone; I get up, shower…unload the dishwasher, make coffee…build my task list for the day..example
    Iron 2 shirts
    Knit 2 rounds
    Clean kitchen floor
    Knit 3 rounds
    Etc. etc.
    This not only helps speed along my projects but also removes the boredom of housework, by breaking it up.
    Mind I’m lucky as my husband isn’t ‘jealous’ of my hobby, he has one of his own.
    Also this is weekends only, during the week I knit on the way to work, during lunch and then on the way home…after dinner and during bouts of menopausal insomnia…(c:

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