A Break in the Gloom

Yesterday the sun paid us a visit. It had taken a Christmas vacation I suppose because no one around here could remember when we had seen it last.  It finally came around, showing its sheepish yellow face. Good thing too because folks were starting to act a little strange.


Not me of course. I was totally unaffected by being plunged into perma-gloom.  The fact that I made up a skillet of corn bread twice in one week and then fed it all to the birds was, umm, a clever way to heat up the kitchen. Those few days where it seemed like I had lost the will to brush my hair was me trying out a hairstyle I saw on a fifteen year old boy.

It was everyone else that went a bit nuts. Like:

  • a friend who canceled on me because it was “sprinkling a little on her windshield” and she didn’t want to drive in bad weather
  • or the student of mine who (having already paid for her class) called and asked for permission to stay home
  • or a woman I haven’t seen since last March fiercely demanding a knitting lesson because she was about to murder her husband

The strangest was Feline Overlord, of course, who started stalking my computer. Not the screen or the speakers. She was trying to break into my computer tower and kill the cooling fan dangerous creature that lived inside of it.

Cowardly Boy Cat was unaffected (like me) and merely slept through the crisis.

But then the sun returned and everyone turned up at craft night. No one was remotely homicidal. Feline Overlord stopped watching my hard drive light blink to went back watching birds. Cowardly Boy Cat just moved over a bit and slept in the sun.

And I? I totally did not go out into the 45 degree morning in my jammies to take a picture of sun-lit grass.


2 thoughts on “A Break in the Gloom

    1. Aren’t we all? Winter is the time that we crafters rock, don’t get me wrong. All our loved ones bundled up in our warm woolies is very satisfying. But too would be happy to just go from Christmas to Spring.


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