Playing With The Dorset

After a few blissful days of sun and warm temperatures, the wet and the cold are rolling back in. S’ok. I have a plan.

Knitting with Dorset Down

That’s my Dorset Down handspun on its way to becoming a head scarf. I was, you know, cheating on it a bit with that baby accessories set. But now that baby stuff is done, I’m back to being faithful to my Dorset. No more cheating. Probably.

It will be, in essence, just a wide strip of lace to wrap around my head and keep the wind from whistling into my ears.  The yarn was spun from Dorest Silver provided by those wonderful people at Louet. I’m very happy with the way it’s working up. Even pre-blocked I can see good definition in the lace.

Knitting with Dorset Down handspun

I made an honest effort to get you picture or two outside, in some good light, before those clouds rolled in. That, however, was mostly prevented by Feline Overlord.

Dorset Down Knitting with Feline Overlord

She has loved this Dorset from the very beginning. Future head scarf is going to have to live in a locked box I think.


8 thoughts on “Playing With The Dorset

  1. Lol, cats love to photo bomb everything. Have you ever tried making Feline Overlord something from scraps, so she can have her own thing? Oh, never mind. Who am I kidding? Cats always want everything that isn’t theirs!


    1. I believe you are right. If they had their own knitted something they would still want mine. Being pushy and selfish and all up in our business is just the way kitties show affection!


  2. Looks lovely, It must be very satisfying to knit up something you have spun yourself. I have never spun and know nobody who does, it doesn’t happen in my part of the world, but it has always fascinated me.
    Is that a knitted wool ball holder in the background? Interesting idea. I recently saw a wool holder in a museum which was a silver stirrup that clipped onto your clothing and the ball turned on the bottom of the stirrup, so the knitter could wander and knit at the same time possibly, or at least avoid losing that precious ball when it rolls off the sofa across the floor.


    1. It is! Its a bowl I made. Knitted first & then felted and I just love it. So handy for keeping you balls of yarn in decent shape.

      It is wonderful to make something from my own handspun yarns But you know… its almost as enjoyable to give handspun away to another knitter or crocheter.


      1. I like the idea of the knitted bowl. I have never felted anything – except accidentally.
        Since my last post yesterday I have met a lady at our knitting group who actually has a spinning wheel left by her mother. What a coincidence! I think I may be paying her a visit.


      2. Wonderful! Enjoy the experience of trying out a new-to-you wheel. They are are a bit different, with their own quirks and personalities. And I hope the need to become a spinner take a hold of you and doesn’t let go!


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