Dorset Down Done

Head scarf knitted from Dorset DownI’ve finished knitting up the Dorset Down yarn and I’m so very happy with it. It came out even better than I had hoped. Back in November I went poking around the internet to learn more about this Dorset Down roving I had to spin. It seemed to be a universally accepted truth that Dorset was for making socks.

My knitting students voted that idea down. I’m glad they did. Dorset may make a great sock but as it turns out, it makes great lace too.

Louet sent me a bag of their prize winning Dorset Down roving to try out and see what I could do with it. I hope they like how it turned out. I do. I’m selfish enough to think that’s all that really matters anyway. Once I heard the words “rare breed sheep” I knew that I wanted to treat this stuff like it was special. I wanted it to be memorable knit. If the Northern Lights Violets roving (which is what I worked on before this project) was a bowl of yummy ice cream, this was a gourmet meal. I savored it.

Well, I guess  should mention that Feline Overlord likes it too. She should. She has overseen the entire process from roving to spinning to knitting to blocking.

Dorset Down and the Feline Overlord

The final dimensions turned out to be 77 inches (196 cm) long and 11 inches (28 cm) wide. The yarn blocked out very nicely. All that crimp in the roving worked its magic and paid off with excellent stitch definition.

Head Scarf in Leaf Lace

The head scarf is made with a classic leaf-lace motif. I thought that would work with the Victorian-esque look I was going for. I did take notes as I made it (my crafting circle has brow-beaten me into taking notes on everything I make) and I’ll write up the pattern and get it posted. Its a simple one.

For now Feline Overlord and I will just enjoy having another project finished off. I’ll celebrate with a nice glass of wine this evening. She’ll celebrate in her own way.


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