Thursday Poll – That’s Some Mighty Fine Fur You Got There

I was chatting online with some spinner-ly people the other day. We were swapping tales of the stuff non-spinners ask us. I had my list. But I had forgotten one very important question that comes up a lot.

“Do you spin your pet’s hair?”

Do I look like a sheep to you?

I’m reserving my answer. I wouldn’t want to influence anyone in the highly scientific polling we got going on here. So, where do my Roving Crafters come down on the pet-hair-into-yarn issue? Let’s find out!


(BTW, I don’t get what’s going on with the polls. They get lots of views. Some weeks, poll day is my best day! But… but… very few readers seem to click ’em. I don’t understand that at all. Me? I love to tell people what I think, lol.)


6 thoughts on “Thursday Poll – That’s Some Mighty Fine Fur You Got There

  1. I don’t have a pet, but knowing what the neighbour’s dog smells like I won’t be trying that source of wool any time soon thanks!!
    I did however have a very long-haired horse who supplied bags of free fibre – I tried washing that to make something with it but couldn’t get the smell out of that either.

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    1. Yeah. Doggy odor can be a bit had to scrub out of fiber. Best to leave the neighbor’s dog alone. Besides, if you started brushing the pup every day and collecting hair, your neighbor might think you were a little strange!

      Horse… never tried to spin horse. In fact, I’ve never met anyone who did either. Hmmmm..

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  2. I know what my dog rolls in. I won’t share that info. No sense in grossing people out.
    So, no pet hair for me. I’m already locked into an all out war with the pet hair that infests my house.
    Plus, why bother with the trouble of spinning it up when it is embedded in every thing I own?

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  3. After smelling a less than well-kept sheep, a little doggy smell doesn’t scare me! However, we are cat people, and one of our current cats has long hair and both of them have a double coat. Daily brushing keeps us from having cat hair drifts, and, well, a slicker brush is an awful lot like a mini hand card, the fur comes off in little rolags. May as well spin it! I use the yarn to make things for the cats, mostly toys.

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