Sunday Stitch – How to Make a Russian Join

A few weeks ago some of the ladies in my weekly craft group were discussing Russian joins. I don’t make Russian joins often myself. I save that for when sewing in ends won’t work (see below). But I did listen in to the discussion. It was a lively one and it led me into thinking “Ah ha! Russian joins would make a great Sunday Stitch post.” So if you come to like making Russian joins from this post, you can thank them for being such a creative, informed group that I can steal ideas from. 

A Russian join is a way to join in new yarn and its done such that there are no ends to sew in*. This technique can be handy when:

a) you are working with yarn that is slippery (such as pima cotton)  and traditional weaving in just will not keep those ends in place,


b) your pattern is so open and lacey that there is nowhere good to sew in those ends,


c) you want to look pro and impress the weekly craft group. (You totally will, btw.)


* Spit Splicing is another way to join one end directly to another. It only works on yarn that will felt though (like 100% wool, or 100% alpaca). If your yarn won’t felt, Russian joins are the alternative. 

Give it a try the next time you come to the end of a ball. Like anything, it gets easier with practice. Some knitters and crocheters like the smooth look of a Russian join so much they use it every time. Or maybe they are just showing off.

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Roving for Bargains

From the chat last week it seems that plenty of us Roving Crafters are bargain hunters. I certainly am so when I hear about a good deal, I’ll try to pass it along. As we add features to this this site, the Bargains will find a more permanent home. For now I’ll tuck a mention in at the end of my posts whenever I have one to share.

The Little House Shawl is a half-circle wrap in fingering weight designed by Joanna Johnson. It has been available for free but as of February 18th, that will end and you’ll have to buy it. If you like the pattern, better grab it.

Main Line Special Reserve from Knit Picks is being discontinued. Its a cotton/wool (75%/25%) blend in worsted weight and its been marked down 40%.

Know of any other good deals? Share them in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Stitch – How to Make a Russian Join

    1. Yes, ends and sewing are the bane of most knitters and crocheters existence I think. I once met a lady who CLAIMED that sewing in ends was her favorite part. I quickly tried to convince her that I was her new best friend but she wasn’t having it.


  1. By the way. I think the changes you have made on the blog are great. Subtle but they really help made the page easier to navigate, esp for someone like me who is not too savvy about figuring out web pages. I can find all the links and revisit some of the stitch lessons with a click.

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