Get Spliced! – a coupon code for free pattern download

I published Spliced, my first pay-for pattern on ravelry, today. As promised, my lovely readers don’t have to actually pay for it!

Spliced - a knit hat pattern

Coupon Code: FelineOverlord

Expires: Saturday, February 21 at 23:59 Central Standard Time

(For those of you coming here for the first time, we have several always-free patterns too! You can find them at Our Patterns.)

I hope you like the hat. I hope you make use of that code and grab yourself a copy. I hope that when you do, you’ll click the “add to favorites” button. The more users that add a pattern to their favorites, the higher the pattern is ranked in the ravelry database, and more knitters will see it after the coupon offer expires.


It will also be available on LoveKnitting, which is the work-around ravelry offers for buyers in a European Union country who are suffering through the whole VAT mess. I’m trying LoveKnitting for the first time and as far as I can tell they are still processing my request to publish the design.  When I get a link for the pattern on that site, I’ll update here.


The pattern includes three sizes and should fit comfortably on heads from 20 to 24 inches in diameter.  I made one in every size. Of course I did! I had to .. ahh… thoroughly test the pattern. Yeah that’s it.

Spliced Hat in Three Sizes

The hat is made by combining two knitting techniques: stranded colorwork and cabling. It uses the simplest of stranded color patterns and the simplest cables. If it looks like it might be hard, good. I want it to look like that. But its actually straightforward and simple. Give it a try and you’ll see that its an easy knit.

Top of Spliced Hat - a knitsbyjenn pattern

Top of Spliced Hat - a knitsbyjenn pattern







I’m keeping the brown one. Its mine. The other two I’m using to pay off favors giving away out of the incredible generosity of my heart. Seriously, that black & white one got me two skeins of hand dyed yarn. It was a pretty sweet deal.

Speaking of sweet deals, I’ve found a place to put up links to yarn sales and stuff. Did you know that the footer of this blog has space for outside links? Yeah, me neither. It was a nice discovery. I’ll be posting Roving For Bargains links down there when I find them.

(I don’t really find them. Cyn, a friend in my weekly craft group, seems to know about every on-line yarn sale in the Western Hemisphere. She sends me emails. So, when Cyn tells me about a good deal, I’ll get a link up!)


21 thoughts on “Get Spliced! – a coupon code for free pattern download

  1. Hi Jenn. Tried to buy it but it won’t let me. It says “item not available for purchase” and the Feline Overlord is not a valid coupon code. Could this be because I am in Britain? Though I think I have had stuff from Ravelry before.


    1. Yep, that is exactly why its not working for you. Loveknitting was supposed to handle the EU buyers but… that site needs “up to five days” to review and approve my pattern. I never should have let ravelry talk me into going that route.

      But, I have a work around, lol. If you msg me in ravelry (so that I have your raverly user name) I’ll send you the pattern as a gift. Its the only way to get it to my EU friends it seems. Sorry for all the extra trouble.


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