Thursday Poll – When Disaster Strikes

I have a knit student who has a dog. Well, I have several knit students with dogs, but this particular student has a BAD dog. She (my knit student, not the dog) brought me this:

That's on e huge yarn tangle!

What do you do when faced with a yarn disaster? 

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This is the work of Sasha. Its not the first Sasha-made disaster I’ve been brought either. Since I have started working with Sasha’s owner, there has been an in-progress Baby Tree of Life that got chewed on , a handmade project bag that got chewed through, and a entrelac cowl that survived a brutal attack (but the circular knitting needle it was on did not). Sasha is a repeat offender.

Btw, Sasha has a daddy that does not allow her to get spanked for any of this which might explain the repeat offences. Her daddy is over 6 foot, ex-army, and a purple-heart recipient. Did you just roll your eyes? Exactly! Those war-heroes are always such soft-hearted pushovers aren’t they?

So my question to ya’ll is, what do you do when faced with a yarn disaster of this magnitude?

Like taking polls? Me too. We keep a bunch of past polls over here and you can go back and vote in them. They never close! 

Yes, Knot a Problem is a real group. Check them out if you picked any of the first three answers in the poll. Those people are nut-balls; precious, valuable nut-balls and we should all be so lucky to have one in our life.

I’m the “hour upon hour” and the “cussing” type. It took me a while but I turned that disaster into this:


Never Give up! Never Surrender!


15 thoughts on “Thursday Poll – When Disaster Strikes

  1. It really depends on how expensive the yarn was and how much I like it. Given that I like to curse out loud and that I don’t buy yarn that I don’t like, I am usually willing to spend hour upon hour…well, you know.

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  2. I have to admit that it depends. If I can get more, well, I’m probably going to make a token effort unless I’m just enjoying the untangling process, which I do sometimes. If it’s handspun or something discontinued, it’s never say die! lol.

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  3. Polls never seem to have a choice for the true Meanies in life.
    Where is the Hand the mess to the 6 ft Softie and let HIM tackle it?
    Or I need a pattern for a humane muzzle?
    Or Hrrrrrrr!

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    1. Lol. I guess the “meanie” choices don’t occur to me when I write up polls. I wish i could claim that as a virtue but… I’m the type of person who lets a 9 pounds cat push her around. I think I’m not a meanie because I’m a wimp instead!


    2. I have to admit, when my sister was training her puppies, I lugged my knitting and other fiber related stuff around in vintage hard sided suitcases. I have all sizes, from train case to overnight case to a half size steamer trunk, lol. I should have moved all the vintage textiles out of them to use for yarn again when we had kids!

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  4. You know the old saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. ” Dogs will think what their human is spending so much time handling must be a great toy! Of course they’ll investigate it and pull it apart given the chance. It’s what they’re hard wired to do with any little soft thing… Bunnies, squirrels, etc. and then they eat them!
    Which can be dangerous if it’s yarn. Buy a zippered knitting bag, or put your work up out of harm’s way. And let’s not swat anyone, dog or human, even though it is the human’s fault for not learning from experience and keeping both their WIP from becoming their WIPED (work in progress essentially destroyed) and their dog safe.


  5. My dog destroyed his fair share of WIP’s as a pup. I don’t know what your student has tried, but she could use a “special” toy that only comes out for yarn time, and maybe doggy will feel less jealous of the WIP! – That said, it still only takes one violent wag of a tail to send a skein flying (as owner yells “Nooooo!” in slow-mo), then it’s “game on”!
    -Jenny from

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    1. Jenny I dropped in at your net home and found it to be a lovely place!
      Thank you for directing me to Children of Fallen Patriots!
      I will be a frequent visitor to your blog. See you around.

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