I Might Have Caught Startitupitis

Startitupitis – a condition that strikes knitters and crocheters when they least expected it and results in the starting of multiple projects in a very short period of time.

I’m pretty sure I have that. I’m pretty sure there is no cure. I’m pretty sure I don’t much care.

Lets do a round up of all the stuff I’m trying to work on at the same time and see if you concur with the diagnosis.

I have the Karaoke Rainbow roving that I’m spinning.

Karaoke Rainbow roving on the bobbin

Doesn’t that just make you say “wow”? Its very… something. I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but whatever it is and will be, its very.  With that neon almost-chartreuse and the hot pink and the navy blue all next to each other, its a challenge just to get a decent picture. Watching the yarn form under my fingers is enough to make me forget about the dreary weather outside.

handspinning Karaoke Rainbow roving on the bobbin

But it wasn’t enough to keep me from casting on a new project!

I couldn’t help myself. These two skeins of hand dye landed in my hands and I had to play with it.

Green With Envy - a hand dyed yarn

This is what I traded my black and white Spliced hat for. Told ya it was a sweet deal! As soon as I had my pretty, pretty green yarn I had to run it through the ball winder. Just to play with it. You understand. Then I had to knit up a swatch. Just to see how it would work up. I’m sure you understand that too. Then I had to pull all four of Barbra Walker Treasuries off my bookself and spend hours figuring out what it should be. You understand right? You reading a yarn blog, if anyone understands me, its you.

It wants to be a stole I think. After lots of consideration and chatting with my pretty, pretty green yarn, I decided it wants to be a lacy stole that I can wear all spring.

(That link is to A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, the first in the series. There are three more treasuries and of course Amazon will very helpfully point those out because it does an excellent job sucking money out of your account.)


But I still have my Mad Tosh sock which does not want to be a sock at all. It wants to be a pair of fingerless gloves.

I can’t just put that WIP aside. Its purple and I love purple. Plus its the perfect on-the-go project. Also, my hands are chilly and I kinda need these to be done already.

You might be thinking “three projects isn’t bad”. But… yesterday I went to my LYS and bought this:

Knitters Pride needles in size 6

Trust me when I say that I don’t need any more knitting needles. I have plenty. I bought them anyway. I bought them (and here is the clincher) so that I have a set of needles handy in case I need to cast something on this week.

That is what tipped me off. I caught startitupitis somewhere. Don’t get too close, I think its contagious.


11 thoughts on “I Might Have Caught Startitupitis

  1. I think “good ideas” travel in packs (or in gangs, depending on how much you like “good ideas”) and come into your brain in multiples. I think that’s why we start up several (ok, more than several) pretty much at one time and tend to actually work on the ones that are most promising or fun. I also think UFOs maintain the herd formation (or why did I just find about five lovely stuffed felt animals in mid-construction in one bin on the back wall of my closet). Maybe it’s all related to my fiber-and-yarn-and-bead hoard growing in spurts and blobs. Or maybe it’s just that sometimes we feel like starting things and sometimes we feel like cleaning up spaces.

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    1. What a wonderful way to look at it. So positive! I was attributing all my multiple project starts to the feeling that winter should be over with already. It seems that i just can’t pass up a bright colorway these days.

      But I’ll try to see it as a pot of creativity with my best efforts bubbling to the surface. Thanks!


    1. Not your fault! Socks don’t count do they? They are so small and fit right in your go bag and no one even knows they are in there. Also, sock yarn doesn’t count as stash right? Its so small… barely takes up any room at all….

      And Big Thanks for the reblog!

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  2. I’ve had startupitis for some time now – there is no known cure however it may be interspersed with short bouts of ‘good intention syndrome’ where one or two projects are completed, but these don’t last long.

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  3. Got in the “wee giftie” zone last week. Made two cowls and one of your great hats for friends. Presented them all yesterday. That’s a nice distraction from this COLD! Back to all my old WIPs now.


    1. You must be on fire! that’s a lot of FOs in such a short time. if I could do that I wouldn’t kick myself for so many starts.

      And I support the something-for-myself projects. Always be selfish with what you make and keep some of it!


      1. Very far from ‘on fire.’ I’m stuck in the corner of the couch with my blanket and my knitting. Connecticut in February is getting old!


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