A Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Thursday

No poll today. I’m just not in a poll kind of mood. I’m in a stay at home, drink lots of coffee, and get ready for our big contest that kicks off tomorrow kind of mood.

I'm detecting much win in this sector.

The Roving Crafters is Having a Contest. With Prizes. Lots of Prizes.

(I’m at home today because the roads were icy this morning. You may be thinking that makes me a huge wimp but a) I live in Austin, b) Austin is full of Texans, and c) Texans don’t know how to drive on ice. Including Especially me.  And why would we? In any given year we have two, maybe three icy days. That’s not enough to learn. Its just enough to smash up your car. So the conventional wisdom is to cancel school, close universities, close government offices and tell private sector employees to work from home. After all, that ice will be gone by tomorrow. If that makes us a city of wimps, so be it! Check back when the high temperature here is 96 ºF.)

Oh, did you want to hear more about that contest? Gee, I would have never guessed.

About six months ago Jess came up with an idea for a contest and I’ve been working on making that a reality. It will be open to everyone who plays with yarn. If you knit, crochet, weave, tat, macrame, felt, or any other hobby I can’t think of, you can enter. Our theme is vintage, making the old new again, and rescuing patterns before they slip away into the past.

Good Housekeeping Cover from Feb 191 - little girl knitting

The hardest part was getting sponsors to donate prizes. Perhaps hard isn’t the right word; intimidating might be more accurate. Its not easy to go (virtual) door to (virtual) door asking for handouts. But once I made the right industry contact it all got easier. Now we have enough prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and giveaways for five random weekly drawings. How awesome is that?

Here is a little preview of what we have to give away:

 Each image is a clickable link so go check these goodies out and start thinking vintage!

15 thoughts on “A Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Thursday

  1. Wait- 40 or so years ago? I’m sure I have patterns that I bought new over forty years ago! That have always been cool enough to keep rather than get rid of them. Before computers new, lol!


  2. I may have to find something for this! The prizes look awesome, and my Loom (Athena) has been looking lonely. Maybe I will do some Anglo-Saxon card weaving designs for the contest.


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