Get Your BILLOW! A new knit design

A KNIT Pattern That’s Free for the Next Three Days

Billow - a knit design from knitsbyjenn

One of my (many) WIP’s got finished. Its version # 3 of Billow, a knit cowl. I got the design loaded up and published to ravelry today. Its normally $1.99 but for my Roving Crafters, its free! At least, its free for the next three days.

Here is the code: GetMyBillow

***The promotion is now ended. thanks to everyone for their interest and for helping move this pattern to the top of Ravelry! I busy on my next pattern and you can bet I’ll be offering another free period for that too! Thanks again.***

I hope you like and I REALLY hope you’ll add this pattern to your favorites. The more favorites a pattern gets the higher it is ranked in the search engines by ravelry. Please help me rank up!

Billow is worked in two colors of aran weight yarn. I’ve made three (so far). The top cowl on that stack is probably my favorite. Its made with two different colorways of Noro Taiyo and the effect is just crazy beautiful.


Its easy. No really, it is. I first designed this for my beginning knit students. Its was intended to be a “after you make your first hat you can try…” kind of project.

A note to my readers in the EU: The last time I published a pattern I did the free-code thing and it didn’t work for EU customers on the first day. After that it worked. I have no idea why. If it happens again, if you can’t get the code to work for any reason, do this instead:

  • Send me a message in ravelry. I’m knitsbyjenn.
  • Put the code (GetMyBillow) in the subject line.

Then I’ll “gift” you the pattern through ravelry. It might take me awhile to process all the requests but I will get you your pattern.

And if you are here for the first time, we are running a contest and have TONS of prizes to give away. Its the REVIVE A VINTAGE challenge! The next random drawing goes out this Friday. All you need to do to enter is start a project in ravelry that is inspired by a pattern/picture/style that is 40 years old or older. Click that link for contest rules, the schedule, places to go for a pattern, and to ogle the prizes.

Prizes like this one!

I hope you’ll join us in making all things old new again.


16 thoughts on “Get Your BILLOW! A new knit design

    1. Thanks! The orange one is my 100% wool one for cold days. The Noro is silk/cotton for not-as-cold days. I’m so cold natured I’ll wear knits all through spring.

      Did you grab the pattern? Please tell me that freebie-code is working, lol.


    1. Hmm… There are three different bubbles to make in that pattern and they SHOULD be explained in the Abbreviations section. Did the pdf not download correctly?

      Should be on page 2 of that file: 9-st, 11-st, and 13-st bubbles. And they are explained row-by-row.


  1. Hi Jenn – thank you for the pattern – the code worked like a charm for me, too. I typed in a comment before and then deleted it thinking ‘aw, she doesn’t want to hear my 2 cents’ but then I saw the line above the comment box says ‘we live for feedback!’. (that is so sweet)

    I was wondering if you might want to add a tag in Ravelry that says ‘no-purl’ or ‘knit-only’ like it states in the pattern page? Some people really don’t like to purl. I was one of them until I switched to Continental. (so, uh, not me – feel free to post purling patterns! ha ha ) This is SO not a criticism in any way, shape or form okay? Just thought that a tag might snag a few more knitters to your pattern. πŸ™‚

    Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I DO live for feedback and I love to hear suggestions. Post away!

      I had not thought of adding a knit-only tag. I’ll go back and see if I can add it in. that is a good idea. Thanks!


    1. Thank you! I do it for the all the wonderful feedback (like this, lol).

      If I didn’t have to pay rent and buy cat food, I’d give all my patterns away for free. I love to design and I LOVE to see other crafters make stuff with my designs.


  2. Thank you for sharing this pattern for free! I was looking for a pattern to use with the “Gas Flame” handspun I recently made, and this pattern should show off the gradient beautifully.

    Liked by 1 person

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