Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – have some… purple

I Know Its Supposed to be a Day of Green. Work With Me. 

Crochet purple seat cover

I had a plan that involved green yarn and a pretty green Finish Off that I would show on St. Patrick’s Day. That plan fell threw. The green is still pretty, but its no where near finished.

WIP green knit lace

What I have finished up is the purple. Its pretty too. So have some purple on St. Patrick’s Day!

As you may recall I have a seat cushion that was under daily attack by you-know-who.

I had to get a cover on that baby and quick before the fake-leather seat lost all structural integrity and cushion guts spewed out everywhere. This chair and Feline Overlord had lived in perfect harmony for years. But, in the last two months, that changed.  She is not sharpening her claws on the poor thing. No. She has a floor-to-ceiling scratching post with three perches that her Granny gave her for sharpening claws. She is using this chair seat to launch herself across the room in death-from-above style air attacks. Mostly she attacks Cowardly Boy Cat. (He loves the attention don’t worry.) Sometimes she attacks invisible monsters. The destruction of the seat cushion comes from digging in her claws before launch.

Why has she suddenly gone all Airborne Commando on me? Because of this:

The ultimate hairball cure

Its cheap, its smells to high heaven, and its the ultimate hairball cure. I started giving her little dishes of this (while holding my nose!) and it has her feeling like a kitten again. A very bad-ass kitten than must hunt down and quell her foes.

Thus the need for a seat cushion. You’re with me right? You can see how feeding smelly fish  to the Feline Overlord resulted in interrupted progress on a pretty green stole for St. Patrick’s day right? I’m not a crazy person…. right?


The seat cover is all half double crochets (half trebles for my Euro-crafters!). I added increases where I needed them and stopped to measure/compare often.


Once the top was done I added flaps and chain stitch ties to secure the cover around the legs.

I was checking the fit when this happened:

I chased her off and added a little edging with some surface crochet stitching. I tried to check and see how that looked and it happened again.

I got the message. Its done. Officially done. I was able to get one more picture of it


and she has been sitting on it ever since. She is taking a nap on it as I write this. Its nice to make something for my Overlord that is so appreciated…even if it isn’t green.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


25 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – have some… purple

  1. It’s lovely and I’m glad the overlord agrees! I was watching a cat whispering program and they said cats either prefer a vertical or horizontal scratching post, which helps explain why mine never used their one but did this (and worse, serious sofa de-bowling) maybe your overlord would like a flat scratching post which MAY help, or may not, you know how cats are.

    Anyway it looks really dapper!

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    1. Thank-you! Poor Feline Overlord, she probably does need a newer, fancier scratching post. And a new cat bed. And more expensive food. And more pets.

      She deserves the very best ya know!


      1. Of course! It’s only reasonable. I saw a cat bed which was a flat scratching post somewhere thus killing two birds with one bed, it was basically corrugated cardboard. Can’t remember where saw it though helpfully.

        I made my cats a custom bed out of a bedside cabinet, removed the draws and door, sanded painted and plushed out the inside with a huge soft cushion, hung mini photos of them and the different cuts of meat on the walls, hung a curtain on the entrance held back by a magnificent gold tassel. They slept next to it. Never in it. But on the cold hard floor next to it and gave me evils. Cats *throws hands up in the air*

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      2. Cats!

        Yes, they are opinionated persnickety pains in the butt. I can totally see them ignoring your carefully crafted cat bed for the cold floor. Mine like used cardboard boxes that come from the grocery stockers.


  2. The purple chair covering is lovely! And now, for the critical part of this post: holy mackerel, as we (some of us) say here in New England.
    Do you give the kitty a little mackerel every day, in addition to other food? I am definitely going to try this, as the hairball preventative/treatment stuff is basically vaseline with malt for flavoring, at $12/tube, AND – most important factor – it is highly unpopular where it is needed the most. I can hardly wait to see the joyous response to canned mackerel! Holy mackinaw! (Some of us also say that. Probably not too many, though.)


    1. quinn, I have a fat male who still believes he is a baby kitten. He was very confused by his first and only hairball. None of the remedies I bought, and I bought them all, worked to give him relief. The trouble might have been that he fought like a tiger kitten to never have any of that awful stuff in his mouth ever again! The outrage was total. A single can of mackerel, shared with his queen and the problem was solved. I now feed it once a week and the left overs go to the dog, who will eat anything.
      But be aware that what doesn’t come out one end, comes out the other.

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    2. I give her and boy-kitty mackerel about twice a week. I was giving it to them more often but… things got messy in the litter box. lol That mackerel is so oily that it just greases the insides of kitties!

      I hope you get good results from it too. I’ve been there with the expensive remedies that either don’t work or won’t even get eaten. Its frustrating.

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      1. Thanks – I will be trying this after my next grocery trip. I’ll try adding just a little bit to the menu at first, and see how he responds – I was a little concerned about an overreaction! Wow, if this works, it will be fabulous 🙂

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      2. Good. And just like I told sindel, come back and let us know if it works. Maybe we have found the end-all cure for hairballs. Wouldn’t that be something!


    1. I can see that. You wouldn’t want a pet, especially a new one, home alone all day. But if you are missing furry companionship. maybe you could pet-sit for a few hours? Or offer to walk the neighbor’s dog?


  3. Forget green – Purple is the color of royalty; perfect for the Feline Overlord!
    Regarding smelly fish: My BF hates the smell of fish. When I give my kitties a treat, I warm up a 1/2 cup of vinegar in the microwave and set the bowl out on the counter before opening the can. It doesn’t help much when you’re right over it, but it keeps the smell of fish out of the house – and you can reuse the vinegar until it evaporates.
    …Love the seat cover!

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