The Flax and the Fuzz – a drive by post

I didn’t write a post last night (I usually write them up the night before). I got home late and decided to spin flax instead. So here is a quickie drive-by of a post that I whipped up this morning.

I’ve finished my second mini-skein of flax and its washed and drying today. The first mini-skein is so bad it doesn’t qualify as yarn. That’s okay because I’m getting better and I’ve learned a lot about spinning flax already. But I still have more to learn.

Flax-fuzz, the mess from spinning flax fiber

The first thing I learned? Its messy! Flax-fuzz gets everywhere. Its worse than a shedding cat is that tells you anything. This stuff has to be spun with a towel on your lap.

That’s not a towel, by the way. Its my favorite skirt. Lesson learned.


8 thoughts on “The Flax and the Fuzz – a drive by post

  1. Looking forward to hearing how you solved the moisture issue!
    Also, here’s a tip someone on rav recently shared with me for getting animal hair off polarfleece (similar situation to flax detritus on skirt, perhaps?):
    put on a rubber glove and run your hand over the surface.
    Might work!


    1. Why did you end up in the spam folder?? I have to talk to WordPress about that I guess.

      A rubber glove is a good idea. I’ve been relying heavily on those sticky roller things to keep me (mostly) pet hair free when I go out in public. But I’m always having to buy new ones. Lots of them, lol.


      1. Thank you for pulling me out of the spambucket!
        I don’t know why, but sometimes – not always – WordPress hates me. I have never done anything bad to WordPress. It seems kind of random 😦


      1. Never seen that before! I’ll have to get me one. Or maybe two because right now I have a sticky roller that lives in my car too. lol Always battling that pet hair!


  2. That’s why there’s a spinning/hand carding apron on my project list. Reversible, with a light and a dark side for good contrast no matter what I’m spinning in our tv cave. 😉

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