Old Vine – the green lace becomes a pattern

You know that green lace stole I’ve been making since forever? Well it became a pattern today.

Old Vine - a knit stole from knitsbyjennIts free for the first 24 hours (ends April 7th at noon CST) so head over to ravelry and grab it quick! Then come back for the ramble blather informative details on how I made it.

This stole is made with lace and its the kind of lace I like. Easy. Remember when I made that Sunday Stitch post on the different types of yarn overs you have to fuss with when you make lace? Well, there is none of that in this pattern. All the yarn overs happen between two knits. Also, the wrong side rows are “knit the knits & purl the purls”. The lace is easy to read and follows a natural progression so after your second or third time through the repeat, you won’t need to carry the pattern with you. You’ll have it in your head.

Old Vine Stole - a knit pattern from knitsbyjenn

Its lacey but not overly so. I’m cold. I’m part lizard. I need warm stuff! This is perfect for those chilly spring mornings.

Old Vine Stole - a knit pattern from knitsbyjenn

Now let’s talk about the yarn. I have a friend how is trying her skills at hand dyed yarn. I’ve mentioned her before.Β She is a complete pain in my ass. She keeps making yarn, gorgeous yarn, and saying things like “Here, see what you can make from this.” That’s when I say

“Well, are you ready to start selling it?”

“Maybe, I’m not sure. I just want to see how it works up.”

“But if I make stuff with this yarn, people will want to know where I got the yarn. So what do I tell them.”

“Tell them whatever you want.”

See? She is a pain. And how could I say no? I’m a yarn ADDICT and she is handing me stuff like this:

Noti handpainted yarns - Jelousy

So when it came to publishing the pattern for this, I dithered. I had the design ready but I didn’t know what to tell raverly (it makes you pick a recommended yarn when you post a pattern). I ended up recommending Mad Tosh Light and Manos del Uruguay Finos because they are wonderful yarns, I’ve used them both, and I know they will work.

But they are not what I used. I used special, not-available-yet yarn.

She IS a pain. And you know what she did to me last week? She did this:

Noti yarns

She better get off her butt and open an esty shop or something because I am incapable of saying no to that. And I can’t keep making stuff and then telling people “No I’m sorry. You’re just not special enough to get this yarn.”

(No, I don’t know what I’m making with it but I grabbed it and took it home. You would have too. I’m thinking a shawl. A big, crazy colorful shawl. I wonder if its time for me to try and design a mystery knit-a-long.)


19 thoughts on “Old Vine – the green lace becomes a pattern

    1. I know. My life is HARD. I may have to hire an assistant to take over my duties as the Feline Overlords’ Personal Assistant.

      Then maybe I’ll have the time to knit up all that gorgeous yarn. Which you can’t have. Nice try though.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I loved seeing more pictures of your shawl – it is so very pretty, and you are brilliant for doing all the YOs between knit stitches! I’ll visit your rav page and favorite the pattern.
    Your friend is amazing. All that yarn. All those colors. Amazing!
    One non-fibery question, Jenn: what kind of tree is that? I am sadly ignorant of Texas trees. It looks like something we call ironwood here in the northeast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for teh boost on ravelry! HA!

      As for the tree, umm, i don’t know. And I should because ‘ve been told at least three times what that tree is. The landscaping companies around here plan them all over the place. But I can never remember. I have to go ask again and get back to you. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lacking your friend’s lovely yarn I have a great sub so that I can begin this beautiful stole tonight. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and shared skills.
    (Wish that you lived close enough to help me with my spinning, too.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much! I jumped on Ravelry and downloaded the pattern. I’m still a beginner at lace knitting and I think this will be a good project for me. It was so nice of you to share!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome. And this is a good project to learn lace. As I wrote it I thought I should use this to teach my beginner lace knitters (instead of 198 yds of Heaven, which is a nice pattern but more involved).


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