Baby Knitting Makes Tough Guys Mushy

I’m making a Pepita for my mommy-to-be. She’s due in the summer but her baby shower is coming up on me FAST which makes baby-knitting this week’s priority.

It’s a sweet little freebie of a pattern and when its finished it should look like this:

Adorable right? I think so too. You know who else can’t help but tell me how cute this is? Nearly every guy who sees me knitting it.

This is a good travel project. Its small and its a lot of plain knitting in the round so I take it with me. People see me, see what I’m knitting, and they usually tell me how sweet it is. But the ones who gush are not the mommies and grandmommies. It’s the guys, especially the blue-collar-I–get-dirty-for-a-living guys.

Case in point, I know this guy. He is a dad, a hard working dad. Normally when I talk to him, he just makes gorilla noises. He grunts for hello, he hums to shows that he agrees, he snorts to show that he disagrees, and he growls when he doesn’t have time for conversation. You know the type, right? That Guy.

When That Guy saw me with baby knitting, he stopped. He picked it up. He asked me what I was making and then told me how much he liked it. We had an actual conversation with complete sentences and everything. That Guy could not resist the baby stuff.

To further argue my point (that guys love baby knitting) I offer the time I went for a burger with a half-made baby mitten. This was back in January.

While I waited for the Whataburger people to cook my food and toss into a bag, three different guys came up to

1) ask what I was working on, and

2) tell me I was awesome. They didn’t use those exact words but that was the gist of it. Me knitting a baby thing was the best thing they had seen all day.

Guys are big mushes about babies. The tougher the guy, the bigger the mush. If you ever need to get a tough guy’s attention, start making a baby sock. He won’t be able to resist talking to you.


12 thoughts on “Baby Knitting Makes Tough Guys Mushy

      1. Hold on there a minute! I thought your mother was from Texas. Are you saying that your mother is Mae Rose Prizzi?
        After thought: cute baby pattern. The new Mom will love it.

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  1. That little outfit will be a fantastic gift – lucky mum-to-be and baby-on-way 🙂
    And now I want a cookie. I am prepared to start an argument if necessary.

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    1. Lolz. That would be a neat trick wouldn’t it? If it always worked people would be picking fights and losing them all the time.

      The mommy-to-be will like it. I made sure and let her pick the pattern.

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  2. Way cute! How long do you think the kid can wear it? I get it would be cute with ribbed cuffs on the ankles and matching baby socks/booties. BTW, I am the queen of knitted baby booties in this area. 🙂


    1. Knitted baby booties are so fast to make and so cute when you’re done once you get started its hard to stop!

      The jumper is sized for 3 to 6 months. I’m hoping he will be able to wear it for most of his first winter. I made it in white and cream so its unisex. I hope it gets passed on when he outgrows it.

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  3. Hmm… Where are all these guys? Around here, if a guy sees a woman with a baby item, the common response is: “RUN!”

    Old guys, though, are cool. When I crochet in public, they can’t help but tell me how nice it is to see someone knitting. Sigh.

    Anyways, I really like the color combo you’re using in your project. No offense to the original, the color just makes me think “grape baby”.

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    1. That’s sad. I think Dads, the real in-my-heart-I’m-always-a-dad, guys love babies.

      Don’t let those non-crafters get you down! lol Part of crocheting in public is to be told how great your knitting is.


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