This Is A Work In Progress

Did you know that you can post pictures in the comments on this blog? I didn’t, not until quite recently. Of course the list of things I don’t know about blogging is miles long. I’m pretty much making this up as I go.

But I keep plugging away. Every now and then I learn something. When I learned that my readers could post their own pictures, I had an idea.

I’ve mentioned before that I wanted this blog to be more of a conversation and less of a lecture. I’m the one who makes the posts but we are all out there roving around with our crafts. Plenty of you have things to say I’m sure. So I’ve been on the look out for ways to make it easier for all of you to share with all of us.

FYI, when I told Jess I wanted a better. more user-friendly comment section, she came back with a full-on social media widget that would allow for discussion forums, friends, and private accounts. It sounded a little bit scary and lots of fun. Then she told me that to make this happen I would have to leave my hosted WordPress and strike out on my own. I’d have to do my own site upgrades and provide my own site security and defend against the evil spammers. That sounds VERY scary and not fun at all. So I’m not doing that. Not yet.

But pictures I can handle. I like pictures.

Let’s have a Work In Progress thread. Show us what you have on your needles, hooks, wheel, loom, shuttle, and so on! If it works and ya’ll like it, maybe we can do this every week.

How to post a picture in the comments:

1) The image has to be already hosted somewhere on the internet. If there is a way to post here direct from your hard drive or phone, I haven’t found it. But if the image is loaded onto flickr, imgur, etc you can make this work.

Pictures on ravelry will work too but… make sure that the project with those pictures has been shared with the public. You can do that by

  • opening a project in ravelry
  • finding the sharing feature in the upper right corner. It defaults to “share this”.
  • changing that to “shared (public)”

2) Copy the web address of the image you want to post. Don’t copy the image itself, just its location. This is done a bit differently depending on which browser you are using.

  • In Google Chrome, you right click on the picture and choose “Copy image URL”.
  • In Firefox, you right click on the picture and choose “Copy Image Location”.
  • In Internet Explorer, you right click on the picture, choose properties (a dialog box will pop-up) and then select/copy the information in the “Address” line.

(Feel free to chime in with additional help, instructions and tips in the comments!) 

3) Paste that image location into the comment section of this blog.

4) Hit Post!

It should work. Its working for me so my hopes are high that it will work for everyone else.



23 thoughts on “This Is A Work In Progress

      1. Yes, its a picot bind off. I hate to make them because they are so slow! But they look pretty and never, ever pull too tight and make an edge scrunch up. Which Is why I also love the picot bind off a little.

        The shawl (? is it a shawl?) looks lovely! Whats the yarn?


      2. Your picots look pointier and better defined than the kind I know how to make! Or perhaps it’s the definition of linen?
        yes, it’s a wrap in yummy yarns…..Fyberspates Elegance and Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Pretty much the opposite end of the yarn spectrum from Manny’s sweater……


  1. And then there is the next shawl that I’m designing/knitting. I can’t really show it to you, lol. A blogger needs to hold some cards close, right? But i want credit for it, so I’ll just post this very boring, not-a-teaser of a pic:

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      1. I’ll have to give it another try someday. I did once and I could make the double stitch most of the time. I could even make a picot! But I could not make picots where they should actually be in the pattern. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    I just finished a Ginkgo shawl in my handspun alpaca and silk or bamboo rayon yarn. It desperately needs to be blocked, so I’m counting it in the WIPs until it’s wearable. 😉 I am finally almost done spinning the endless cotton sliver, so I’m preparing the top that the kids dyed with Easter egg dye for spinning next. Here are the first three bumps. Most of it is split in two and predrafted, but I plan to try some fractal spinning with some of it too.

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