Whatcha working on?

Me? I’m hooking my way to my new teapot cozy. No more naked teapot for me!

Crochet teapot cozyIts one of the five awesome teapot cozy patterns I was blogging about earlier this week. I had to make one tiny adjustment to the pattern because my first attempt was curling badly. But its looking good now!

Whatcha working on? Feel free to share links and/or pics in the comments section.


12 thoughts on “Whatcha working on?

  1. Cozy is very cute…wish I drank tea! My knitting mojo has been missing for a long time so I’ve been concentrating on spinning. Currently not actual spinning but scouring and prepping raw fleeces. Camera needs a battery I can’t seem to find in stores, so cannot share any pictures.

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    1. Wow. I am never in the mood to scour and prep fleece. I do it only so that I can get to the fun part (like spinning and knitting). But you enjoy that stuff?


      Hi! I’m Jenn I’m your new best friend!


    1. Sounds like you have a few WIPs? I have those two and I get into phases where I do a little on each one. But then I decide for no good reason that one project, this *one* but be finished ASAP! This weekend that’s the teapot cozy. 🙂


  2. I’m working on Frankie Brown’s ‘Ten stitch twist’ spiral blanket. I had been wondering for a while how to knit in a circle, and there we have it!. I don’t know how big it will be but I have a pile of multicoloured wool just waiting to be used up.
    Then some of her other projects such as the little purses will happen from my remnants of sock wool. I love the way she creates 3D objects.

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    1. Oh oh oh! That sounds like fun. I too like her circular 10 stitch blanket best. And her way of starting it, with a set of short row wedges has become my favorite way to make a circle. It how I’m making my hotpad/coaster set out of the flax in fact!

      I LOVE that pinwheel purse. I push it on everyone. Its so clever.


  3. I’ve been trying to cast on a pair of cotton socks (in case Summer comes) for the past few days, but chores keep getting in the way. Also, I’m trying to convince myself that the two leftover yarns I have on hand will play nicely together in one pair of socks. To be honest, it seems unlikely. But using up 4 partial balls at once would be especially satisfying in the stash-busting department, and a quick knit besides. And these socks would mostly be worn in sneakers, so not high visibility… Hmm, maybe today. Thanks for the nudge.

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    1. No no no. You have the wrong idea about this sock plan. Make outrageous, garish socks ON PURPOSE and them wear them in public with pride. I once hunted all over Austin for the ugliest sock yarn I could find and that pair was a smashing success!

      FYI, the same applies to hats. As a knitter/crocheter I’ve notice that people will put freakishly hideous things on their heads and their feet and think they look great.


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