Some Trickery and a Code for a Free Download

Don’t you just love a good fake out? I do. And I love to make things that appear far more complex than the really are.

My newest knitwear design

Have some Trickery. Its free on Ravelry with code: illusion for the next 24 hours (until May 13 6pm CST).

The promotion is over and the code is expired. But check back because I give freebie codes here on my blog every time I publish a new pattern!

For my readers in the European Union: The download code won’t work for you. Ravelry has still not worked out a safe way for sellers to handle VAT and Love of Knitting (which is where I sell to the EU through) doesn’t offer discount codes. So… you’re going to have to message me in ravelry. If you send a message to knitsbyjenn in ravelry and make the subject Trickery, I’ll send you a “gift” copy of the pattern. It may take a while to process all the requests but I’ll get them out. So why did I name this stole Trickery? Because it is worked in stripes. There is no fancy colorwork at all. You work two rows with one color and two rows with the next color, employ a few simple tricks, and BLAM! you have something pretty neat.

All it takes is two colors in fingering weight yarn. I recommend solid or semi-solid colors. High contrast yarns make for a very striking stole. Colors that are closer together, say shades of blues and greens, would lend a more subtle effect. I used Yarn Carnival High-Wire. The dyer is a friend, an inspiration, and worked with me on this stole. You can find her yarns in shops all over Texas and at StevenBe in Minneapolis.

I actually knit this stole over a year ago. Its taken me that long to get the pattern published. Lol. What can I say? I have new ideas for knitwear and crochetwear all the time. I have so many I can’t seem to make them all much less get them photographed and published. So the stuff I designed before I started blogging got pushed to the back of my brain.

I’m working on that. I have a few others sitting around in dusty computer folders. I’ll get them out and published soon. Maybe. If I don’t get distracted by something new. Enjoy!

And if you like this pattern, I have others. All my free patterns you can find right here on the Our Patterns page.


12 thoughts on “Some Trickery and a Code for a Free Download

  1. I love it!!! Heading to Ravelry right now. (By the way Jenn, you are an evil influence as now I have to add this shawl to my knitting queue and tomorrow I am going to the yarn store for my knitting group, and of course I will have to buy some yarn to make this…)


  2. Thank you for the pattern! By the way, I’m in the EU and I had no problem using the code. Maybe you won’t be so swamped gifting patterns after all – and have more time to publish more of these cracking patterns! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that is good news! Thant’s for coming back to tell me.

      Lol. I do have two in-progress designs on the needles and one in my head that’s burning a hole in my brain. I do need to get to work!


    1. You are so welcome! I can’t wait to see it.

      It is such a kick to see someone else’s work from one of my own patterns. It feels like it belongs to me and them at the same time. Like we share it.


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