Spinning in Cowgirl Boots – The Tale of Arachne

I love myths and not because so many of the old myths and fairy tales have handspinners in them. That’s just a bonus for me. I love the old stories because in them, people are fools just like they are today. Its nice to know that our smart phones and fast food haven’t changed us much.

There are other versions of Arachne’s story but this is one is the best. Mine is an absolutely faithful and 100% accurate retelling of the taleย you’ll find in Ovid’s Metamorphosis (Book 6). Really. There is no need at all you you to go read Ovid, the greatest of all the Roman poets. It would simply be a waste of your time.

Who needs a spinning wheel? I can make yarn came right out of my butt!


18 thoughts on “Spinning in Cowgirl Boots – The Tale of Arachne

  1. I love the myth of Arachnia so much I named my knitting business after her (and my Loom after the Goddess Athena). You cannot believe how happy this made me!!! I would love to hear more stories and watch you spin, I could waste all day watching you! Oh, and you have the most soothing voice ever….

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    1. You love it because you are a nerd like me! Which is a good thing, nerds rule.

      I may do more of these silly little videos. Each one helps me to get over my phobia of all the tech stuff that goes into making them.

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    1. The internet says spider spirit guides are gentle are creative (I just looked it up). That sounds like a wonderful thing. Suffering through spiders bites sounds terrible though! Ouch.


    1. Hypnotic huh? Hmmm.. Maybe I could some how use this to get people to do my bidding!

      I’ll get another tale together. I had fun making that little video. And the fiber is polwarth. I’m spinning it at light fingering weight and I have no idea what I’ll be doign with it. Yet…..


  2. Excellent retelling, accurate in every detail (that matters)! But watching you spin was the icing on the cake. I became so absorbed in that motion and the sound of your voice, I forgot I was watching a video.

    And yep, on the “humans haven’t changed” thing. I think every observation that could ever be made was recorded by the Greeks and Romans, and everything since has been a retelling. Shakespeare. Van Morrison. I remember coming across a version of “Look, your shoelace is untied!” in an Early Irish tale.

    Thank you for this lovely video! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Lovely Jenn. A good excuse to just sit and listen to a story, which I don’t think we do enough of these days. And I agree that the spinning is hypnotic and relaxing. Thanks for the video.

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    1. So glad you liked it! People have always told me that they liked to just watch handspinning. Anything that soothes in this day and age is a good thing. I’ll definitely make more.


      1. I’m a spinner too but it’s nice to watch someone else, I found your videos from a link on hand spinning news but I can’t find them on your website. I love your tutorials too.

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      2. If you mean the posts of me just sittin’ and spinin’, there are only three.. so far.

        I’m in the midst of re-organizing this little blog. Its not so little anymore. But everything that is about spinning should be tagged “spinning”. If you search in the little pop-up box waaaaay up in the upper right corner (looks like a magnifying glass) they should come up. Hopefully that will help until I get my new navigation menus finished!

        I’m a decent spinner, a pretty good teacher, and a downright lousy web designer.


      3. Oh good!

        Yes the webdesign is not my thing. Its a necessary evil that comes with wanting to blather away on the internet. Every time I make an improvement without breaking the site is a win!


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