The The Last of the Baby Stuff For A While

The Baby Boy Cardigan is done. Or almost done. After steeking it this weekend, I got the button bands on. Its been washed and its drying outside on our one-and-only (hopefully) dry and sunny day this week.

a steeked baby caridigan

It still needs Dorset buttons but those are fun to do.

Because someone out there is wondering, here is the info on this little sweater:

  • Its made with Jiffy by Lionbrand on size 10 needles
  • I used Elizabeth’s Zimmermann’s “pattern” for a bottom-up, raglan sleeve pullover. I use the tern pattern loosely because its more of a recipe than a pattern and you can find it in her book Knitting Without Tears. Its good for making a sweater for any size person from any yarn at any gauge.
  • Baby stuff on size 10 needle is lickty-split fast knitting. I cast on for this Thursday night and here it is (almost) finished.
  • I made up the color work pattern as I went. I do that. I can’t help myself. It was supposed to just be white but… I got bored. If you like the color pattern and want to use it for something, its a repeat over four stitches that goes like this:

color chart for knitting

  • After knitting it like a pullover I steeked it up the middle & cut. The button band was put on like most button bands, pick-up-and-knit along the edges. People who say you can’t steek acrylic are just incorrect. Any but the most slippery of yarns can be steeked. Now those fringe-y steeked bits won’t felt into the back side of the cardigan like they would (over time) if it was made from wool yarn. But they won’t go anywhere either.

steeks on a handknit baby cardigan

making Dorset buttons

So that’s it. That’s the last of my baby stuff for a while. I have a hat, mittens, booties, more booties, a jumper and now a cardi. I think I’ll let the baby be born before I make him anything else. Then he and I will have a sit down and talk about his additional knit and crochet needs.


6 thoughts on “The The Last of the Baby Stuff For A While

    1. Baby stuff is like a snack of a project. A blanket is waaaaay more than a baby knit in chunky yarn so we’ll have to give you lots of credit for that one when its done.

      Now I’m in a spinning frame of mind.

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