Sometimes I Wake Up to Presents

To show her appreciation for my years of dedicated service, sometimes Feline Overlord brings me presents in the night. She knows what I like.

yarn ball left on the floor of my bedroom

Yes I do like Souk by Cascade. It is, after all, half wool and half silk and retails for $16 a skein. Or it did retail for that… before it was discontinued. My Feline Overlord has good taste.

It was dropped off with a piercing and mournful cry at approximately 2 am last night. I knew that some sort of goodie had been left on the floor of my bedroom but I didn’t turn on the light to see. I wanted to have the surprise in the morning.

It was carefully extracted from my workbasket where it sat among yarn of much lesser quality. She even managed to keep one end of the Souk in the basket, see? That way it left a playful trail of yarn through two rooms and a hallway.

Now its time to get out the ball winder. Feline Overlord will help with the rewinding, She enjoys that.

I hope that you all have a loving, generous soul like her in your home. Really I do.


16 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wake Up to Presents

  1. My two Balinese Terrorists (aka The All-Kitty Network) steal socks from secured locations, drown them in their water bowl, and then drop them on my face at 3 AM.
    “Look, Mommy, What We Killed For You!”
    I think they watched me washing socks in the sink when they were kittens.

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  2. For just that reason, your “wake up prezzy” I have found kitties a bit strange my entire life. I have had only one “Own Me”. His name was LUCIFER! He lived to a ripe ol age of 14 YEARS! We loved him, he would bring our Jesse (DOG!) rabbits. We now have 2 Westie sisters that will be nine and they have yet to bring me anything but love. I enjoyed your cat “tail” Kim 🙂

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  3. Pwca doesn’t even bring me half dead things. Nope…. she drops very much alive mice RIGHT. NEXT. TO. MY. FEET. Also, she leaves Jason (my hubby) mutilated and half dead crickets in the summer. I’d rather have yarns balls too!

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    1. Lol.

      My kitty does love me, I know. And I’m very grateful to not have dead things or hairballs left for me to find. She must know that I’d rather play with yarn than a half-eaten cricket or a living (yikes!) mouse.

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  4. You have such a sense of humor about it. My yarn terrorist…I say terrorist because she mutilates my yarn… Loves only my wool handspun. I’ve had to buy closets and a secretary desks, boxes and baskets to hide my yarn. And woah woah unto me if I forget to completely close anything. I love my yarn killer. Her name is Purl, but I think she thinks her name is Dammit!

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    1. Poor Purl. Maybe she is just tryign to knit!

      Yeah. Probably not. I’m sure she is punishing you for spending time spinning instead of catering to her needs. I endure lots of that punishment myself.


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