Spinning in Cowgirl Boots – The Tale of the Three Spinners

Today I’m plying two strands of undyed polwarth wool and telling The Tale of The Three Spinners (Die drei Spinnerinnen). The wool is from last year’s Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta in Sequin, Texas and the tale from from the Brothers Grimm. When I was buying it (the wool, not the fairy tale) I got swept up in the excitement of being at a fiber show and I did this: “I need 6 ounces of that polwarth. No 8 ounces. No ten!”

Now I have to spin up all ten ounces of it. This is me at my wheel. I look exactly like that.

The Sleeping Embroiderer by Gustave Courbet (1853)

Its taken me a week and a half to fill up two bobbins and that’s not all the wool. Its not even close actually. But it is enough to start plying. Since plying goes faster than spinning singles, it makes me feel more productive. I look forward to plying. I thought I’d use that spurt of enthusiasm and tell another tale.

There are many versions of this particular story in different languages. Mine is from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. I kept to the original story for the most part and only changed a few details to protect the innocent entertain myself.  Enjoy!

Today is Memorial Day. That’s the day the we in the United States set aside to remember the more than 650,000 who went to war for our country and didn’t come back. Its also a day for BBQs, road trips, and lounging around the house playing with yarn. That’s okay. I believe that is want most of the Honored Dead would want; for us to enjoy our families, our prosperity, and our freedom. But I need to take a moment to say:

Thank-you for your sacrifice and may God take you and keep you in His loving arms.


19 thoughts on “Spinning in Cowgirl Boots – The Tale of the Three Spinners

  1. I love that story.
    Fly the flag. Honor the war dead who gave their all so we could live free. Hoist a beer, burn meat and kiss the children.

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  2. After the last one, I sat down at the wheel and tried to make my hands look like your hands, and be as relaxed as your voice sounded. It worked! I spun my best single to date! Keep ’em coming. Love to watch and listen.

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    1. ahhhh good. Yes. Relaxed hands and shoulders are crucial. Keep the tension (in your hands!) light and let the wheel do the work.

      Pictures! Pictures of your yarn if you have ’em. We like pictures.


  3. I now remember that story from a ladybird book or something. It must have been illustrated because I can see the drawings of the sisters. This is similar to Rumplestiltskin, isn’t it? I’d forgotten just how many fairy tales involve spinning. As you say it played such a significant part in our lives historically. Thank you.

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    1. It does have many elements in common with Rumpelstiltskin. What was it with people and locking girls up with their spinning?

      The history and culture of spinning has always been there and it seems to wait for us to discover it again and again.


  4. I think the emphasis on locking up girls and their spinning was another attempt by parents or guardians to keep the girls pure and out of trouble. Heaven knows how many different ideas were tried over hundreds of years. A former daughter and mother of five girls.

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    1. Fiver girls! What a blessing…. most of the time. Did you ever want to lock them up until they did their chores? I never raised a girl but I’m thinking it would have limited effectiveness.


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