ROOMY – a new pattern and a free download code

I got another pattern published today. That means you all get cheated out of a real blog post. You have to make do with a re-hash of stuff I wrote up for the pattern, pictures you can find over on ravelry, and something else… Oh yeah. A download code good for a free copy for the next 24 hours.

Roomy – because hats can never be too slouchy!

Download code: lotsofslouch

Code is good for the next 24 hours (until 1pm CST on June 4th). Expired. But check back because I always offer a download code here when I publish a new design!

FYI: Making everyone come here for the code is all part of my evil plan. I hope they will notice that I have lots of free stuff, like patterns and tutorials, for them to check out.

I had lots of fun making Roomy. So I made two of them.

I love yellow but it does not love me back. That’s okay; I made that one for a friend.

The pattern is written for two sizes, small and large. I will never understand why some hat patterns are written as one-size-fits-all when heads come in different sizes. No one believes in one-size-fits-all socks do they?

I use twisted stitches in this design. Again. What can I say? I like them! They look so pretty.

But best of all, Roomy has lots of room for all my frizzy hair. I could tuck it all up and have room to spare. (And that rhymed. Ha!)

Go grab your copy. Any image should be a working link over to the pattern page on ravelry. Then grab some size 5 needles and some worsted weight yarn and get casted on!


14 thoughts on “ROOMY – a new pattern and a free download code

  1. You are such a generous soul! Also uber productive! Thanks for the pattern. I need something small to knit; a hat is a good idea as it is already too hot to think about having a huge, heat producing knitted object on my needles.

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    1. The brim is supposed to be a bit small. The hat is so big and has so much weight to it that it needs a tight brim to keep it on your head.

      But my gauge, in size 8 needles and on the Cotton-ease, is 16 sts = 4 inches. With size 5 needles its 21 sts = 4 inches. That’s after washing & blocking.

      I would say that if your brim is looking a bit too small then its perfect. lol.

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      1. Well truth be told I’m making it for someone else. So I’m unsure if my head is bigger than 21-22 or my knitting is too small lol.That sounds like the gauge I was getting out of this yarn when I was making another slouch hat though (which I frogged because yours is waaay cooler). I’ll check my head in the morning, maybe it’s just my head lol.

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