Weekly Rec – Mackerel Should Come with a Warning Label

Feline Overlord and I are six months into our regimen of regular Mackerel eating and its going great! Really, just great. She is doing so fantastic with her supplements of this amazingly stinky fish that I might not survive. 

Club Mackerel: Cat Super-Charger!

can a club mackerel
Remember this stuff?

Several months ago I wrote up a post about how I’d started feeding Feline Overlord club mackerel to help with her hairballs. It worked so well that her appetite was up, she was stronger, she was more active, and one piece of perfectly innocent furniture was suffering for it and needed some yarn-y protection (a seat cover). Several readers responded with promises to give the mackerel a try on their own hairball-puking fur faces.

cat on her crochet seat cover
The seat cover is holding up well, btw. Boy Cat is still not allowed on it.

So I thought I’d let you know that we are still on the mackerel (every third day) and I’m still seeing lots of improvement. Her Overlord-ness has put on weight. That’s not surprising since she actually eats her cat food these days. And begs for more! Oh yes, she seems to think in addition to breakfast and dinner, she should get food at 11 am, 3:30 pm, and 9 pm. And also at 2 am. And anytime I walk through the front door.

Its not just cat food that has her interest either. These days she wants to give whatever I’m eating a try. That’s a new thing for us, her trying to get into my food and me saying NO! while holding her at bay with my feet.

Isn’t that great?

Yes, her culinary tastes are expanding. She also wants to eat the bird food.  And the tree that grows its branches up onto our porch.

(Please don’t tell me that she just needs cat grass because she HAS cat grass. Her being supplied with organic, gourmet, expensive cat grass has nothing to do with eating that tree. Or my potted snap dragon.)

Along with her appetite, her attitude is much improved as well. When I yell: “No!” and “Don’t eat the tree!” and “I don’t love you anymore you wretched cat!” she let’s it slide right off. She holds me no ill will. The Wretched One just goes squinty-eyed, rolls over, and offers me a nice game of rip-the-skin-off-the-human’s-hand.

kitty ready to play

Isn’t that great?

The attacks on handspun yarn come fast and hard these days. She shows it no mercy. All of my efforts to photograph any of my stuff, even just a cutesy picture of a cowgirl boot stuffed with handspun, have to be strategically planned. That strategic planning involves giving her a skein to play with while I take the pictures. I know it seems like a strategic plan of utter capitulation but its either that or stuffing her into a crate while she howls. 

Isn’t that great?

Speaking of howling. Her Wicked Majesty has become nocturnal. Everyone tells me that’s perfectly natural and a sign of her increasing health. I keep that firmly in mind when she starts howling in the middle of the night for food, for Boy Cat to come and play, or for a fresh roll of toilet paper to shred. I keep firmly in my mind the knowledge that

  • there is no where in my home I can lock her up that I can’t hear her howl from, and
  • only prescription knock-out drugs can make her stop, and
  • if I sit up and scream or start throwing pillows at her then she KNOWS I’M AWAKE and it just gets worse.

I think I’ve gotten three full night’s sleep in the last four weeks. Isn’t that great?

Seriously, if you’re feeding mackerel to your cat maybe you should stop. If you haven’t tried it, maybe you should keep it that way. Maybe cats have touchy stomachs and hairballs to keep them from enslaving the human race.

Have I stopped feeding my little baby the stinky-fish-cat-super-charger? Of course not! What a ridiculous question.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Rec – Mackerel Should Come with a Warning Label

    1. Spoiled house cat… is there any other kind?

      Fish is a balm for those touchy tummies. The pure protein and the fish oil seems to do wonders. They all deserve such treats. cats have very hard lives putting up with us virtually untrainable human servants!

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  1. I tried hiding treats around the house to distract a night-howler of my BF’s. It worked for three days, until the cat figured out how to hide and watch me. He would then hunt them down all at one time, gobble them up, puke everywhere, then howl all night again.

    Perhaps you could try hiding skeins of yarn for her to find?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try very hard to hide the yarn where she CAN’T find it! Besides I’m not sure I want to sacrifice good yarn for sleep. It would have to be good yarn to serve as bait. She doesn’t care for the cheap stuff.

      We had another howl fest at around 1 am last night. I think I’m going to have to learn how to sleep with foam ear plugs in. At least until she settles down ans stops looking for night-time adventures. She has to stop at some point right????


      1. I forget that FO has good taste! Mine can be distracted with some good ol’ Red Heart.

        Could she be after something other than Mackerel and yarn? I was ready to take one of mine to the vet for constant crying, until I discovered the tree frog living under my kitchen sink. The howling stopped after I relocated the frog.

        Could be the weather, too. There’s always YouTube and “videos for your cat”!

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  2. So your Fur-face is eating and feeling her oats. That’s Great!
    And there you are left feeling a little worn down. That’s …a small price to pay? No, that’s not right. Let’s try again. Have you considered sacrificing the over weight Boy cat and laying out a ton of food right before bedtime? Fill everyone up to the gills and see what happens.

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  3. “her trying to get into my food and me saying NO! while holding her at bay with my feet”
    THAT was the exact moment I started laughing in that helpless, stomach-aching way that makes my eyes run with tears while my nose simultaneously becomes completely blocked up.
    Oh lordy.
    As a distraction (for the Overlord, you are already distracted enough) have you tried one of those balls that dispenses treats or even pieces of kibble, but only when the treat lines up just right with the hole? It might keep her entertained at night. Especially if you put it on a shelf and tell her not to play with it Under Any Circumstances.
    (By the way, my Kitty Rex was completely underwhelmed by the offering of mackerel, despite his strong preference for the fishier “flavors” of tiny expensive cans of cat food. I ended up feeding the mackerel to my hound, Piper. In small increments, which I now realize was a lucky choice.)

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    1. Glad you liked it, lol.
      I can try the kitty treat puzzle ball. that would definitely keep Cowardly Boy Cat occupied. One less furball racing around on the bed certainly can’t hurt!

      Didn’t like the mackerel huh? You a lucky one, lol.

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  4. I made tassels out of my good handspun, & hung them from doorways. If they aren’t offered all the time (like maybe just before your bedtime) thetthen they might hold her attention long enough for you to sleep. I use catnip & get my bad kitty high


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