Can’t Stop Knitting

Not much of a post for today. I’d apologize but… I’m not feeling very sorry about it. After too many days of only knitting a little here and a little there, I’m back at it with gusto and I don’t want to stop. Not even for my much-loved blog!

I finally have this Chambered Nautilus Tam Version Two back to where it was when I ripped out Version One. If I knit and knit and knit and don’t get distracted by lesser things, I’ll have it done by tonight.

So in lieu of an actual post with actual writing, I offer this in the hope that it distracts you:

How the Little Spring Thingy In My Extremely Cheap Tape Measure Got Broken… In Pictures


6 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Knitting

  1. It’s a set up! FO says a big dog came in during the night and broke it. What you photographed was a valiant attempt by the brilliant FO to fix it for you. Apologies will be graciously accepted….

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    1. Oh is that what she was doing? OOooooooohhhhh. I guess I’ll have to go and offer my most humble apologies for having stupidly thought that Her Wicked Furriness was responsible for Yet Another Broken Thing.


  2. She looks quite satisfied with her kill (…oh, that’s right, it was that dog that did it).
    Just remember, she only wants you to have the best things.

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