Sunday Stitch – Making Crochet Bullion Stitches the Easy Way

The crochet Bullion Stitch, aka the Roll Stitch, is one of those vintage stitches that you don’t see much in patterns today. But its still around…. hiding out in the occasional flower motif and adding a little something special to stand-alone embellishments. Its not the easiest stitch to make. I should say, its not the easiest stitch to make well. Which is why I cheat when I make my bullion stitches.

How to make the bullion stitch - free tutorial

I do love a good cheat.

Jump down to the video!

If you’ve never come across the crochet bullion stitch then here are a few random bits of information you might be interested in:

  • its a crochet version of the embroidery stitch of the same name
  • in embroidery, the bullion stitch is a common element in goldwork
  • I’ve been told many times that nuns used pure gold thread to embroider bullion stitches into the vestments of clergymen and that is where the name comes from. (I’m pretty sure they didn’t use pure gold thread though. It might have been a combination of metal and silk called passing.)

The bullion crochet stitch has a nice history and it shows up in all sorts of vintage decorative crochet collars and lace edging patterns.

Figure 425 from the Encyclopedia of Needlework, 1886. (click the image for a link to an online copy of that amazing book)

Today it seems to be a feature of flowers and embellishments. Its a unique stitch and I love the look of it.

Bullion Stitch Crochet Flower – free pattern from Crochet Geek (click image for the link)

So how do you make the bullion stitch? I’m so glad you asked.

Like stitch tutorials and how-to videos? I have more. I have free tutorials for crocheters, knitters, and handspinners. And every Sunday I add a new one. Enjoy!


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