Pithy Post! Ready To Rag

Have a little nothing-burger of a post.

I got my fabric yarn made up and I’m ready for some rag crochet!

So that’s what I’m doing this weekend.


9 thoughts on “Pithy Post! Ready To Rag

    1. I’m thinking an N hook but that might change. As for the size… I have dreams of BIG but we will have to see. I’m starting with an oval shaped bottom and I’d like that o be at least 4 inches by 12 inches.


    1. I’m cranking away at it. Its a bit stiffer than I’m used to and my hands give out quick with that rag yarn. Maybe I’m just wimpy!

      But i want a nice bag so I’m motivated,


      1. You’ve undoubtedly seen the knitter’s hand exercises on You Tube, etc. will say, since I have been keeping a little super ball in my knitting bag, and doing the exercises, my hands are feeling better! The other one I like is to take each finger in turn, wrap opposite hand around it, pull gently, and hold for a minute or two. Really helps, even as an “oldie”

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      2. A super ball is nice. I make do with an old tennis ball. 🙂

        Its going pretty well so far. I’ve managed to get all the joins in the “yarn” to land o the inside so none show on the outside.


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