Err… I’m Not Done Yet

That Rag Bag Crochet project I was supposed to finish this weekend? Yeah, its not done.

rag crochet

I have really good reasonsjustifications… excuses though.

So I recently found myself with new bed sheets. That meant I had old bed sheets. That meant I had a rag crochet project. After I saw the rag crochet tote bag that Laughing Purple Goldfish made, I new what my old bed sheets wanted to be. So I spent a week or so cutting up sheets and turning them into “yarn”. That is always the slowest part of any rag crochet project. But I got all that done and I was going to bang out the bag this weekend.

That was the plan.

rag crochet - making the bottom of a tote bag
First I made the bottom.

Here it is Tuesday and I have a half-fished bag and pile of pitiful excuses.

Reasons I am Not Done With My Rag Bag Crochet

1) The internet did not break. If it had, I would probably be done. Sadly it stayed on, all dependable like, the entire weekend. So I went browsing. I watched a few shows. I over-dosed on the news. I spent hours sitting at my computer like a goober when I should have been hooking on that bag.

rag crochet - making a tote bag
Then I started working up the sides.

2) I’m reading a dead tree book. Its a paperback to be precise. Dead tree books, especially paperbacks, can’t be propped up too well. You have to go through all the trouble of holding them in your hands in order to read them. If I had been reading something on my Nook, which can be propped up and switched to large text, I could have stitched AND read at the same time. A word to the wise, dead tree books are bad for getting your crafting done.

3) Cowardly Boy Cat kept stuffing his big, fat butt into this itty bitty box. He did it all weekend. Every time I looked over he was crammed in tight, inside this box. It was freaking adorable. So of course I had to grab my camera a take his picture every time. Last night I realized I have 31 pictures of him sitting in that stupid box.

cat stuffed into a box

cat in a box

cat in a box

Now you know. A wasted weekend. I might have actually managed to squeak it out and finish but I went out to buy a Cherry Coke from the vending machine and got snagged by a friend who had just broken up with his girl friend. He need to bitch and complain, tell me every little detail, share his pain over a beer. So I sipped on my warm (and cheap) beer, did not get my Cherry Coke (!!!), and didn’t finish the tote bag.

rag crochet - making a tote bag

Napoleon Hill (an American with a very unfortunate name and the founder of the personal success genre) said

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.

My new plan? Err… finish the bag.

P.S. My daily Cherry Coke is kind of important to me. I look forward to it ALL day. I never allow myself to buy one of those big boxes of Cherry Coke at the grocery store because I would end up drinking five in one evening and be sick. I make myself buy them one at a time from a vending machine that rips me off about every third purchase. Now, last night there was no Cherry Coke and I am REALLY looking forward to tonight’s Cherry Coke. This evening, when I go get my Cherry Coke, no one had better get in my way. I’m just saying.


24 thoughts on “Err… I’m Not Done Yet

  1. Well, I have been productive enough for both of us! I finished my Doula’s baby blanket, and I am about halfways through the Jayne Cobb hat. My sisters’ shawl yarn and my sister-in-law’s Christmas present yarn will be in around Friday. I had a nightmare that I woke up and it was Christmas day and I hadn’t gotten any of knitting done! So now I am in panic mode and it’s still July…

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  2. The bag is looking awesome. Be proud of your progress. The sheets for my rag project got buried weeks ago and I still haven’t dug them back out!


  3. Much needed smiles at your extremely valid reasons and cat pictures… Strange faces of confusion trying to fathom how you can stitch and read at the same time! You have serious skills 🙂 good luck with the new plan 😉

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    1. I’m always glad to put smiles on faces. That makes my day.

      I can only stitch very simple stuff like stockinette or all single crochets while reading. My hands seem to know what to do. Anything more than that and I have to watch what I do.

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    1. Wish it wasn’t so hard to share pictures.

      I’ve been thinking hard about moving this little blog to a place that would give us all more freedom and more chat options. I’m just scared I will break it, lol.


      1. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your feline photos. I’m a technophobe or I might try to send pictures also.

        I’m sorry I forgot to tip you off to cutting your sheets for crochet yarn with a quilter’s rotary cutter. You can fold the fabric into several layers and zip strips out quickly.

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      2. Yes those rotary cutters would have been nice. But not being a quilter I don’t have any on hand, lol. Plus…. rotary cutters might not have been as much fun for bad cats and that would have been a travesty!

        Everyone likes kitty pics I think. I’m told that the internet was invented so we could share all our cat pictures. I love you all but I sometimes wonder if anyone would come to this blog at all if I didn’t have cute cats to show off!


  4. Love the bag and the excuses! Is that a front post or back post sc around the outside edge of the bottom of bag? My 20 pound boy kitty is stuffed in a box as I write this. He loves his box.

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    1. To transition from the bottom to the sides? I did a sc through the back loop. Nothing fancy at all.

      those kitties love to cram into tiny places. Why is that? And why to they get on my bed at night and stretch allllllll the way out and take up the whole bed?

      Cuz they are bad, that’s why.


    1. Aren’t you a positive soul? Or maybe just good and encouraging others to take their time. 🙂

      Btw, have you noticed that no one has called me on the number of times I blame my cats for stuff that might possibly be my own fault? Ha.


  5. Looks like you’re using a 9mm hook. With rag crochet would you tend to use a hook slightly bigger or smaller than the rag, or one that is just right? In the pics your hook size looks too small but maybe it is just right? How did you work it out?

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    1. Yes, a size 9mm (N) hook. I used it for the whole project. I tried to make a 8mm (L) work but it was just too small. The “yarn” was too big for that hook and I had trouble catching with every stitch. So I went up a size.

      My thought was to use the smallest hook I could get away with. Crochet stretches length-wise so very much and this is a bag. I expect it will stretch out quite a bit over time. But the tighter the work, the better the bag will hold up. Shrug. That was my only thought.


  6. Yes transition is the word I was looking for. Working in back loop is much simpler and it really look great. Havr never done rag crochet but I know now what my “after Christmas” project will be. You’ve inspired me. I want a rag bag! Of course we would visit your blog without the cat pics but it’s much nicrt to find a kindred spirit out there. Cat people are special.

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  7. Your bag is looking really good!
    Even before your P.S. describing more fully the significance of Cherry Coke, I was very concerned that you missed out.
    Because: Cherry Coke!!!
    Re: books and crafting, I think audiobooks are a crafter’s best friend. Unless they are extremely good audiobooks, in which case they are a good but also distracting friend, who can make you knit an extra inch or more (about a million teensy stitches) on a tricky sock pattern because you get so wrapped up in the tale being told that you forget your own foot is not the size of a shoebox.
    Oh, and speaking of boxes: if I was the Boy Cat, I would have gotten in that box, too. Contrary to some opinions, it is obviously a Perfect Fit.

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    1. Poor silly little Boy Cat. Tonight, at this very moment, he has been evicted from the box. Feline Overlord is sitting it in it. Boy cat is sitting right NEXT to the box waiting for his turn.

      Audio books are a stitchers best friend. 🙂 Sorry about that sock. Ripping is bad but picking up a zillion tiny stitches give me a head ache.


      1. Agree about the picking up stitches! Lifelines are probably a knitter’s 2nd-best friend, but I’m afraid I rarely use them. (Making a Note to Self: Smarten up!)

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