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The The Last of the Baby Stuff For A While

The Baby Boy Cardigan is done. Or almost done. After steeking it this weekend, I got the button bands on. Its been washed and its drying outside on our one-and-only (hopefully) dry and sunny day this week.

a steeked baby caridigan

It still needs Dorset buttons but those are fun to do.

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Time to Finish

I’m talking about my weekend, I’m not nagging about the Revive-A-Vintage contest, lol. I spent this weekend finishing two projects and some handspun. It got me to thinking about the finishing stage of making things and how I both dread it and enjoy it.

Finishing projects

I had two days off and Austin had two days of patchy sun in amongst the rain. So I buckled down and finished Pepita, the fractal spun scarf and my handspun flax. I only had to rush out and save set-out-to-dry stuff twice from that wet stuff falling out of the sky.

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The One Where There is Baby Stuff

Before the holidays I might have mentioned that I knew a mom-to-be who is also a big appreciator of knitting. I may have bragged just a bit that I will soon have a baby to knit for, a baby that will frequently appear in public wearing things I have made for him. (Yep, baby is a Him.)

Baby is only a few inches tall and not available for modeling shoots but he is already the processor of a set of knit accessories.

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