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Knitted Fascination – A free pattern

You know those fascinators the British royals have made amazingly popular these days? This is not one of those. This is it yarn-y cousin. The knitted (and crocheted) fascinators may not be as well known or as fashionable but I promise you, they are much warmer.

(I wrote a guest post for The Woolery! Its almost like I’m a professional blogger now! Except I did it for fun and not money. Its a post on sharing the joy of handspinning yarn. So after you grab the pattern below, maybe you could head on over there, give it a read, make a nice little comment. You know, make me look good! Maybe they will invite to guest post again. Ha!) 

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Dorset Down Done

Head scarf knitted from Dorset DownI’ve finished knitting up the Dorset Down yarn and I’m so very happy with it. It came out even better than I had hoped. Back in November I went poking around the internet to learn more about this Dorset Down roving I had to spin. It seemed to be a universally accepted truth that Dorset was for making socks.

My knitting students voted that idea down. I’m glad they did. Dorset may make a great sock but as it turns out, it makes great lace too.

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Some Progress

Just a quick post today. I blew off writing something for this morning for, ummm, knitting. I’m enjoying this project and its hard to put it down and do anything else.

Knitting with Dorset Down handpsun


Oh and it seems like Jess is leaning towards making a Girasole which hadn’t made my list at all. But she’s considering doing it in worsted weight yarn because she did like the idea of enormous round blankets. So I helped a little. Sorta.

Playing With The Dorset

After a few blissful days of sun and warm temperatures, the wet and the cold are rolling back in. S’ok. I have a plan.

Knitting with Dorset Down

That’s my Dorset Down handspun on its way to becoming a head scarf. I was, you know, cheating on it a bit with that baby accessories set. But now that baby stuff is done, I’m back to being faithful to my Dorset. No more cheating. Probably.

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Finishing the Dorset

After all was said and done I ended up with 500 yards (460-ish meters) of two ply yarn from the Dorset Down roving sent to me by Louet.

This is the last of the products Louet sent me (back in November) and they did so with the understanding that I would do more than play with the roving. I agreed to try it out and give write an honest review. Guess I had better get that done before I dive into knitting something yummy and fanciful with it.

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Following Dorset Down the Old Sheep Trail

I’ve been working in a semi-devoted sort of way on spinning up the Dorset Down sent by the good folks at Louet. Its lovely roving but it has had to share me with a rather large knitting project that I dug out of mothballs shortly before Christmas (more on that later). I have about half of the Dorset spun up and plied. Here is how its looking:

Its coming out to be mostly sport weight and that’s in a 2-ply. But this isn’t going to be a post on how I’m getting the spinning done. Its a post on all the things I’ve learned about Dorset Downs.

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Saturday Night Round Up

Would you like a post full of odds and bits and stuff I’ve managed to accomplish all mashed together? I hope so. Its all I seem to have time for.

With Christmas barreling down, I’m running out of time for the stuff I have to (but probably won’t) get done. I think someone is stealing time out of my days. They have to be. I just looked up and realized its 8:30 at night. I would swear that five minutes ago it was 6:15.

Time thief is the only explanation.

So here is what I’ve manged to finish off this week.

Gentleman’s Scarf undergoing inspection by Feline Overlord

Yep. I finished a scarf. A whole scarf. Which I actually started sometime last week. Still, a FO is better than no FO. I’m just happy its done before Christmas.


After that I started a bookmark. I figured why go looking for trouble? So I gave myself an easy-peasy brainless crochet bookmark to do. It will be the wrap-over-the-front-cover kind. With a button. If you look close, there is a button hole down near the pointy end.

Btw, this is the project whose skein had a knot it it. The (knotted yarn) went from purpley-brown direct to blue. So after I threw my little fit, I pulled out yarn and fussed with it and did my best to fake a proper gradient into the purple. I can still see the join though. Good thing I’m giving this baby away! I’ll gift it and then I won’t have to look at it anymore, lol.







I’ve managed to squeeze in some spinning. Just a bit here and there. I’m working on the Dorest Down sent to me by Louet. Its super crimpy wool, more crimpy than anything I’ve spun before.

I have approximately 2 out of 8 ounces spun so far. I did some test spinning and plying and generally played around with it before settling on technique I thought would do it justice. I’ll save all that for a later post because

a) I’m dog-ass tired, and

b) this stuff deserves a post of it own.

But here is how its coming along.

I will say this though: Feline Overlord really likes the Dorset Down. Really. Likes. Since everything she really likes she feels compelled to destroy, I’ve been playing a lot of keep away with the roving.  I keep it in a sealed plastic bag (which is kinda bad for roving and you shouldn’t store it in plastic for any length of time) which is stuffed into a closed project bag. Somehow… she knows its in it there.

Hope everyone’s holiday plans are going smooth and I hope you get everything done that you need to get done. Then maybe you can come over and get my stuff done too. If you want. Just putting it out there.

A Review for Louet – Opening the Box

As I mentioned in a previous post, the box of goodies I’ve been expecting from Louet came this week. When I opened it up it felt like Christmas had come early because everything in this box is a gift.

It’s a gift from all of you, my lovely and wonderful readers. Louet may have paid for the stuff and paid for the shipping. In fact they did. But I wouldn’t have gotten it at all if it were not for you. They (at Louet) noticed this blog and they liked the writing. They liked the viewership, the number of hits on my posts, even more. Because of all your views, they asked me to try out, review, and write about their roving.

So a very big thank-you! Here is what we got:

Wait. Hold on. First its has to be thoroughly inspected by the Feline Overlord and Cowardly Boy Cat. Everything that comes through my front door gets the sniff treatment.

Ok. Now we can take a look at the goodies.

I was expecting one bag of roving. They sent two (!!) and a bar of Lavishea Lotion Bar Cucumber Melon scent, which is a limited edition, special, made just for Spinzilla 2014, scent. Yum.

Each of these products is going to get its own detailed post (or two) but I couldn’t wait to share it all with you. Patience has never been my thing. Consider this a spoiler post of what’s to come on this blog!

Also I feel that I should be completely honest right from the beginning… I have liked everything I’ve ever tried form Louet. Everything. I have two Louet spinning wheels (one that I bought and one that was a gift). I love them both. I buy their roving and recommend it to my spinning students. I buy their yarns; I bought more of it just last month. I buy Lavishea lotion bars. So chances are pretty good that I’m going to like everything that came out of that box.

Let’s take a closer look at that roving, shall we?

It’s Northern Lights Printed Wool Top in colorway Violets. This is what I’ve always called pencil roving. Lovely right?

It’s listed on the Louet website as a good roving for beginners and I completely agree. But I’ll save that for a later, more detailed post. For now, let’s move on to the second bag of roving.

Wow oh wow oh wow. I realize that you can’t tell from a picture, but this is not an ordinary 8-ounce pile of wool. This is Dorest Down wool, which is a rare breed sheep native to the Dorset Downs of southwest England. I’ve never spun any before.

I can’t wait to try it out.

Guess what? Neither could she.

The Feline Overlord always did have very, very good taste in fiber.

Thanks again everyone. I’ll be busy spinning this up and writing my reviews!