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Dorset Down Done

Head scarf knitted from Dorset DownI’ve finished knitting up the Dorset Down yarn and I’m so very happy with it. It came out even better than I had hoped. Back in November I went poking around the internet to learn more about this Dorset Down roving I had to spin. It seemed to be a universally accepted truth that Dorset was for making socks.

My knitting students voted that idea down. I’m glad they did. Dorset may make a great sock but as it turns out, it makes great lace too.

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Playing With The Dorset

After a few blissful days of sun and warm temperatures, the wet and the cold are rolling back in. S’ok. I have a plan.

Knitting with Dorset Down

That’s my Dorset Down handspun on its way to becoming a head scarf. I was, you know, cheating on it a bit with that baby accessories set. But now that baby stuff is done, I’m back to being faithful to my Dorset. No more cheating. Probably.

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