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Weekly Rec – Old Yarn Labels

I love yarn. I love old yarn. I love those labels on old yarn. 

Vintage yarn label - Lilly Rayon Crochet

This probably reveals too much about the depths on my obsession with the whole making-things-with-yarn hobby. Perhaps I should be keeping this particular passion to myself. It may make me look like a weirdo. But… I do love those old yarn labels. I had so much fun going through my stash and reading them all. Again.

And maybe there are a few fellow weirdos out there that will enjoy all the pictures of my old yarn labels! Maybe they will even share a few of their own. I can’t be the only one…. right?

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For the Best in Historical Romance Look to Georgette

If you’re not burnt out on all things vintage I have an author for you that you might enjoy. Georgette Heyer published her first novel in 1921 and her last in 1975 (after her death) and she is credited as the founder of the Regency Romance. Her books are chock full of accurate historical details. More importantly, her books are fun.

Heyer collection

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Our Final Friday Winner!

This is the final Friday before the big day! Entries in the Revive-A-Vintage contest are due next Wednesday at midnight CST. For our last random weekly drawing I have the third gift bag from Milk + Honey. Yep, they donated three of these babies to our contest. Isn’t that sweet of them?

Lotion bars from Milk + Honey

And the final drawing prize goes to…

(Yes I make you click through to find out, Yes, I AM evil.)

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Another Vintage Challenge – to myself

I can’t be in the Revive-A-Vintage Challenge because I’m one of the judges. I’ve griped about that before. Not because it seems unfair but because I’d love to get my hands on that double pointed needle set from Knitter’s Pride. Sadly I have had to accept that someone else will be getting my needle set.

flax fiber to spin

But I can still challenge myself and play along. I’ve decided to try and spin a vintage yarn. You see I’ve had this bag of flax for quite a while and I think its time to see how badly I can mess it up.

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Why We Craft – Because We Love It

Another post in my Vintage Series! Why am I so obsessed with vintage stuff lately? Because we are hosting a CONTEST! Start a project inspired by something from 40 years ago (or more) and you’re in. Go here for all the info. Next prize goes out this Friday so hurry up and tell us that you’re in! 

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REVIVE-A-VINTAGE First week’s Winner!

Our first prize! I’m so excited and proud. But to get on with it…

For the Random Weekly Drawings (and this is the first of five) first I count up the number of projects that show up when I search Ravelry for projects tagged with revive-a-vintage. I pop that number into my online random number generator. The number it kick out is the winner! This week that number is 10.

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Places to Go for Vintage Inspiration

So you are all in a vintage frame of mind this morning? Me too! It’s been just awesome to see the response to our Revive A Vintage Contest. To be honest I was a little worried that it would flop and no one would enter.* But now that I don’t have to stress over that, let’s  start a list of places that you can find some vintage to inspire your project.

Ladies’ Visiting Toilette - April 1895 issue of The Delineator magazine
Ladies’ Visiting Toilette (1895)

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