Sunday Stitch – Double Sided Knitting

Today lets try Double Sided Knitting!

double sided knitting- a free video tutorial

No don’t leave. I promise its not that hard, not the way that I do it. Double sided knitting can get pretty complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Today I’ve got three videos which show how to make these little pot scrubbers. They are the perfect thing to try if you’ve never done double sided knitting. Give me a chance to talk you into it.

I am not a fan of long how-to videos. When I watch videos like that, I get impatient and start to skip ahead. I mutter at the screen and I get grumpy. So I promised myself when I started making (cruddy, low-light, awful-bad) videos of my own, I would keep them short and not talk too much.

I broke that promise with this one! 

Double sided knitting is not hard but it can be intimidating. It can, and has, put off many a knitter. So I gave my myself permission to go slow, take my time, and do a through job of showing off just how simple double sided knitting can be. But there is a bunch of me talking and I feel a bit guilty about that.

It won’t happen again. Probably.

Double Sided Knitting Part 1 : Casting On and Working Solid Color Rows

Double Sided Knitting Part 2 : Working Rows With Color Changes

Double Sided Knitting Part 3 : Binding Off

As I mention in the videos above, I let my students talk me into writing up an official pattern for these pot scrubbers. I’m working on that in between cups of coffee and maybe a trip to the book store. I should have a little pattern available for both pot scrubbers in a day or so for anyone who is interested so check back!

And if you’d like the pattern to these pot scrubbers you can find it right here!

An obligatory feline photo-bomb pic:

cat photo-bombing my knitting pictures... again

You can find my other free video tutorials:


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stitch – Double Sided Knitting

  1. Love the idea..what fun. Will have to wait for the pattern (beg, whine, whimper) as my excuse for internet won’t let me watch the videos. Sometimes living in the back of the back of beyond is a pain…

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  2. Thanks for making these nifty videos, Jenn! That was fun! And almost easy! I say almost, because when I was rocking right along and thinking “wow, this is so easy!” I was also making some kind of mistake, which I didn’t realize until it showed up a couple of rows later and now I have a question for you: how hard is it to rip back and fix a mistake with this double-knitting method? This time was practice, so I just tinked the whole thing and had a do-over, but I’m hoping that wouldn’t be necessary when I mean if I make a mistake on a bigger project. I can easily imagine using this technique for bigger projects! I love the way the fabric feels – so smooshy and soft. It reminds me of the band on the 1898 hat, which is knitted to naturally fold over on itself, so it’s a similar result from a different method.
    Thanks again!

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    1. Oh noes! Ripping!

      So I can say from vast experience that ripping out / picking up double sided knitting is pretty easy. I’ve done it plenty. 🙂
      Here is how I do it:

      -pull both strands at the same time

      – pull back to the beginning of a row

      – pick up the slipped stitch and then that orients me. I make sure to pick up the knit stitch first, followed by its paired up purl. I concentrate and pick the rest up “knit, purl, knit purl” to the end

      – then I realize I have picked them ALL up backwards. I do it every single freaking time.

      – then I work the next row through the back loop to get all my stitches facing the right way again.



  3. The videos are great!. As one of your students, I think the homework breaks even between the students and the teacher. However if you didn’t show us such cool techniques, we wouldn’t insist you write up a pattern. Thanks for posting this.


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