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Happy Blog-O-Versary

This month is my one year anniversary on this blog. Its such an important event that I accidentally noticed it only yesterday. Yep, it was last August that I made my first post here at Roving Crafters.

detail of crochet granny quare

Don’t bother to read that first post. I’m certainly not going to. A while ago I was told that bloggers should never go back and read their older stuff because they will likely hate it and be tempted to pull it down. That sounds like good advice and I’m following it.

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Sunday Stitch – How to Line a Bag When You Don’t Sew

I’m not sure this makes for a “real” Sunday Stitch but it is a Sunday, and this is what I’m working on. Also, I promised to show my cheater-cheater way to line a tote bag. So I’m shoehorning that into today’s post!

If you don’t sew, don’t sew well, or just like to cheat (who doesn’t?) then you may find this useful.

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A (Mostly) Finished Rag Bag!

Today is Hooray Day for me because I’m (mostly) finished with my Rag Bag Crochet Tote.

crochet tote bag made from rags

I like the bag. The Feline Overlord likes the bag. Even Cowardly Boy Cat seems to like the bag. Best of all? I have plenty of pictures to show how I (mostly) finished it off, instead of a bunch of clever excuses like last time.

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From Sheets to Yarn – Starting a Rag Crochet Project

How to Turn Sheets into Balls of Yarn

(with extra help for those who live under feline rule)

rag crochet - turning old sheets into balls of yarn

I’ve done rag crochet projects like this before and here are two things I’ve learned

  1. its a lot of work to get your “rags’ ready to crochet, and
  2. a certain troublesome furry little creature that I live will be all over it every step of the way

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Sunday Stitch – Making Crochet Bullion Stitches the Easy Way

The crochet Bullion Stitch, aka the Roll Stitch, is one of those vintage stitches that you don’t see much in patterns today. But its still around…. hiding out in the occasional flower motif and adding a little something special to stand-alone embellishments. Its not the easiest stitch to make. I should say, its not the easiest stitch to make well. Which is why I cheat when I make my bullion stitches.

How to make the bullion stitch - free tutorial

I do love a good cheat.

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GUEST POST – A Crochet Horror Story

**Please help me welcome Jenny to the Roving Crafters! She is a reader, a commenter, a friend, and a fellow blogger. I’ve asked her to share some of her best and worst crafting experiences with us. Enjoy!**

Hi, I’m Jenny from the Crochet is the Way blog!

I used to be a mechanic, until some life events changed my career. I now enjoy spending my days alone; crocheting, blogging, and browsing this site. After a comment I left here on Roving Crafters, you might know me as “the lady with the ex-friend and the dog”. And I want to let Jenn and her readers know that because of that comment (along with many others!), I consider you all better “friends” than anyone I’ve met in person… but, you know, not in that weird way, like the character in my Crochet Horror Story – I just like you guys. Allow me to explain:
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