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Summer of Shawls

Summers are my time. I love the heat and hate the cold. For me, summers are that magical time of year when heat is freely available and all I have to do is step outside into a powerful sunbeam and let the warm seep into my bones.


But sooner or later, life forces me to go inside. Inside there are air conditioners. Not just ordinary sit-in-the-window air conditioners. These are Texas sized air conditioners and they are being controlled by Texans. Texans cannot be trusted with air conditioning. They get completely out of control and will not listen to reason.

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Rag Crochet is Upcycling For Hookers

Its time for some rag crochet. I bought new sheets last week. That means I have old sheets. That means I have stuff to make rags. That means rag crochet.

rag crochet - a pattern round up

So let’s have a Rag Crochet Pattern Roundup

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