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Gunnister Man – A Scot with many handknits

I dabble in the history of knitting. Its not a subject I follow seriously, more of a subject in which I follow my nose. I take a “oh, that’s cool! Let’s learn more about that” approach to knit history. As such I have quite a bit of fun with it and learn things in a back ass-wards sort of way. Like in the case of the Gunnister Man, a Scot who happened to be wearing a ton of handknits when he went into a peat bog in the late 1600’s.

 A Glimpse into Early Shetland Knitting


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Beware the Thread Crochet

Thread crochet will make you go blind and crazy. If I’ve said that once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Beware the thread crochet!

Irish Crochet Lab: a place to begin (an excellent site with lots of resources and tutorials, click the image for link)


I have done some thread work in the past, but only some. My eyes are precious and my limited sanity is even more so. I think the last thread crochet project I cranked out was a set of decorative bracelets done as a teeny, tiny granny squares sewn end to end. And I complained the whole time.

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I Might Have Caught Startitupitis

Startitupitis – a condition that strikes knitters and crocheters when they least expected it and results in the starting of multiple projects in a very short period of time.

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Sunday Stitch: How to Make I-cord, plus selvedge and bind off

The “I” is for idiot! 

I went on an I-cord binge for today’s Sunday Stitch. Included here are three ways to make I-cord:

  • as a cord,
  • as an edge on the side, and
  • as a bind off.

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A Handspinning Post That is Totally Not Boring

It can be a little challenging to write interesting and engaging posts about handspinning. Spinning is slow and monotonous and I suspect that most of my readers have never tried it.

So, to keep things lively, I went into my fiber stash and picked Karaoke Rainbow!

Karaoke Rainbow roving

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Crafting for Charity

I’ve got people in my life that I refuse to knit or crochet for. I have judged them (oh yes, I’m a judger!) and while I like them as people, I found them unworthy of all the time it would time to make something. Yet I make things for total strangers and give them away.


Broomstick Lace crochet for charity

Honestly I hadn’t realized this contradiction until

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