Stuff Jenn Likes

Every Thursday I write about stuff I like. Its usually yarn related stuff. Not always. Here is my dumping ground for all the Thursday Weekly Rec posts!

03/19/15 – The Sanna Shawl, an amazing free pattern by Christa Becker
03/26/15 – Using Sherwin-Willams Chip It! to pick colors
04/02/15 – A Book and A Brush!
04/09/15 – Never buying this yarn again, the Anti-Rec Thursday
04/16/15 – Historical Fiction by Georgette Heyer
04/23/15 – Make Handknits for Crocheters
04/30/15 – Three Designers that Give it All Away
05/14/15 -Elizabeth Zimmermann, a Knitting Mentor
05/28/15 – Patterns that Teach
06/04/15 – Some of my Favorite Yarns
06/11/15 – Barbara G. Walker, knitter and so much more
06/18/2015 – Mackerel Should Come with a Warning Label
06/25/2015 – Online Stitch Libraries
07/02/2015- Keeping Bugs Out of Your Stash
07/09/15 – Handi Tools are Pretty Handy

2 thoughts on “Stuff Jenn Likes

  1. I loved the Sonna Shawl….such beauty that would probably take me years to finish but it is big enough to hide the flaws that make it unique. I have given my Daughter your address (Jenn) to see whatcha got. She is Crafty also…but may not have the time as her job keeps her very busy.

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