Handspinning Tutorials

Every Sunday I do a short video and share a special stitch or trick or cheat. These are the posts that feature handspinning!

I also have a collection for knitting, crochet, and then a few I filed under miscellaneous because they did seem to fit anywhere.


Handspinning has probably been around for as long as there have been people with hands, as these spindle whorls from 5000 BC attest to. And yet here we are, in the post-post-modern age where our phones are smarter than we are, trying to re-learn how to spin. Maybe in 500 years there will tutorials on how to write with pencils.

Help for Handspinners

How to do the Short Draw and the Long Draw in Worsted Style spinning (scroll waaaay down in the post)
Vocabulary for Handspinners (Worsted vs Woolen)
How to Spin A Fractal Yarn


How to Make and Use a Beaded Wrist Distaff
How to Test a Fiber Before You Spin


How to Chain Ply Yarn


Looking for something in particular? I take requests. Let me know what you would like to see in the comment section and I’ll try to get it done.

We live for feedback!

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