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And The Winners Are…

Wow its hard to pick winners! Do all judges feel this way?

Winners in the revive-a-vintage contest Our Winning Projects!

But Jess and I managed. Here are the winners and even though I didn’t do any of the work on these at all, I still feel very proud!

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If you’re In the Revive-A-Vintage contest (and all of you are, right?) the entries are due tonight. Specifically they are due by midnight CST. I’d hate to have any qualified project overlooked by yours truly so please make sure that you have all of this on your ravlery project page:

Tag it with revive-a-vintage. If you’re not sure that you have, check this customized search. That’s how I pull up all the entries. If your project comes up, you have it tagged correctly.

Cite your source. If its an old pattern, give us the pattern name and how it was published. If you working from an old photo, include it as one of your project photos.

– Have at least one picture of your finished work.

Mark it as Finished (in the status field).

– If your project is part of a set, mention that in the project notes and provide links to the other ravelry project pages.

That’s the minimum of what we need to consider your project for the final judging. Its okay if that’s all you want or have time to do. But here is what makes me squeal:

– Lots of pictures! More is MORE.

– I read the project notes, lol. If you want to tell me how it went, I will read it. I’ll read it ALL. Any personal notes on what you did, modifications you made, new skills you had to learn to make it work, etc. The bigger the challenge this was for you the more impressed I’ll be.

– How do you feel the project turned out? Did you love the pattern but hate the yarn? Will you ever make another one?

Now, in case you need a little motivation to get you over that finish line, let’s take another look at our prizes. These prizes were all donated just for our contest so I give love back to the sponsors whenever I can. After all, I enjoyed hosting this contest and I’d like to host another. If I can show these companies that our contest generated some web traffic back to their shops, then maybe they will donate again in the future. (Yes that’s a hint. Don’t be afraid to click a link or two. It makes me look good!)

Our first prize winner will be getting

Our second prize winner will be getting two skeins of hand dyed yarn in the colorway of their choice from Mountain Meadow Wool.

Our third prize winner will be getting a Symfonie Dreamz Sock Double Pointed Needle Set from Knitter’s Pride.

We had another prize donated to the cause after the contest was announced. I’ve decided that we’ll have an honorable mention winner who will be getting  4 oz of Targhee Top/ Bluefaced Leicester roving in Blue Bird from Mountain Colors Yarn.

I’ll be announcing the winner this Friday. That gives me time to look at every finished project and huddle up with Jess, my internet guru and fellow judge. I predict that we will stay up waaaay past our bedtimes on Thursday night having a blast and going over all the eye candy.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Our Final Friday Winner!

This is the final Friday before the big day! Entries in the Revive-A-Vintage contest are due next Wednesday at midnight CST. For our last random weekly drawing I have the third gift bag from Milk + Honey. Yep, they donated three of these babies to our contest. Isn’t that sweet of them?

Lotion bars from Milk + Honey

And the final drawing prize goes to…

(Yes I make you click through to find out, Yes, I AM evil.)

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Another Vintage-phile Winner

Its time for another random drawing prize in our Revive-A-Vintage Contest!

Karbonz Interchangeable Needles

This week’s winner is getting a Karbonz Interchangeable Starter Set from Knitter’s Pride. Did you know that Karbonz needles were made from carbon fiber? Its the same stuff used to make fighter jets. I guess that makes these pretty kick-ass knitting needles. 😛

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Sunday Stitch – Making Irish Clones Knots

Irish Clones Knot – A Vintage Crochet Stitch

If you’ve been browsing vintage crochet pattern books (like me) and wasting hours looking at old patterns (like me) and not making much progress on your WIPs (like me) then you might have come across the Clones Knot stitch. Clones Knots are found in those elaborate Irish Crochet designs. They aren’t hard, once you get the hang of them. In fact, of all the crazy-beautiful stuff those Irish hookers were making at the turn of the century, clones knot might be the easiest.

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The Weekly Winner in our Revive-A-Vintage Challenge Is…

Morning! It’s Friday and that means its time to head on over to ravelry, check out the progress on all of our Revive-A-Vintage projects, and let Mr. Random Number Generator tell me who is getting a gift bag from Milk + Honey.

lotion bar gift bag from Milk+Honey



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Another Vintage Challenge – to myself

I can’t be in the Revive-A-Vintage Challenge because I’m one of the judges. I’ve griped about that before. Not because it seems unfair but because I’d love to get my hands on that double pointed needle set from Knitter’s Pride. Sadly I have had to accept that someone else will be getting my needle set.

flax fiber to spin

But I can still challenge myself and play along. I’ve decided to try and spin a vintage yarn. You see I’ve had this bag of flax for quite a while and I think its time to see how badly I can mess it up.

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Why We Craft – Because We Love It

Another post in my Vintage Series! Why am I so obsessed with vintage stuff lately? Because we are hosting a CONTEST! Start a project inspired by something from 40 years ago (or more) and you’re in. Go here for all the info. Next prize goes out this Friday so hurry up and tell us that you’re in! 

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Sunday Stitch – Knotted Half Double Crochet

I learned a new crochet stitch this week. As I was refreshing myself on vintage crochet terms and getting my references together for writing that post earlier this week, I realized that there, right there in The Encyclopedia of Needlework (published in 1884), was a stitch I had never tired before. Ms. Thérèse de Dillmont called it a “knotted stitch”.  I’m calling it a knotted half double crochet until someone (like a dear reader!) comes up with a better name.

The “Knotted Stitch” shown in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NEEDLEWORK By Thérèse de Dillmont

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