Happy Blog-O-Versary

This month is my one year anniversary on this blog. Its such an important event that I accidentally noticed it only yesterday. Yep, it was last August that I made my first post here at Roving Crafters.

detail of crochet granny quare

Don’t bother to read that first post. I’m certainly not going to. A while ago I was told that bloggers should never go back and read their older stuff because they will likely hate it and be tempted to pull it down. That sounds like good advice and I’m following it.

A Whole Year of Babbling on the Internet

I actually started blogging, in a very half-hearted sort of way, on a site called onemorestitch.net. That site is gone now. The domain expired I guess or maybe it was taken down. I’d made three or four posts over there before I realized that if a person didn’t know it existed and have a direct link, they would never find that blog at all. The entire site was being blocked from google for inexplicable reasons. (Actually the reasons are not inexplicable they are just inexplicable to me. Jess has explained more than once how and why some sites get blocked from showing up in google searches but I didn’t understand. After her third try I quit asking about it.)

vintage acrylic yarn
Upon finding myself in procession of vintage 1970’s acrylic yarn sent through a time machine from a box in Jess’ closet, I knew instantly what I wanted to make.

Once I realized that I my stunning wit, charming yarn-y adventures, and adorable kitty pictures were being kept from the world, I was grumpy. I didn’t want to post any more. I was griping and complaining and officially Not Happy. So Jess stepped in and set me up on a freebie wordpress blog (which was the rovingcrafters.wordpress.com). A few months later I had outgrown that and made the move to a paid-for wordpress blog (which is what I have now).

Now its suddenly been a whole year and I’ve outgrown this place too. Its time to move the blog again. I know that its time and I have known that for a while. I’ve been slogging through self-hosting-blogging guides and secretly comparing blog server plans for weeks. I even forced Jess into sitting down and helping me pick a new server provider. She tells me that I can keep my domain name, and all my old posts, (for less that what I pay now) and that ya’ll will never even notice the difference.

in progress crochet granny square poncho
What could be more appropriate for 1970’s yarn than a crochet poncho? Only an enormous granny-square that you wear as a poncho!

But I’ve been scared to pull the trigger and actually do it. What if I break my blog? What if I can’t figure out how to ever make a new post again? What if evil spammers find me and eat me?

I think this is a bit like what a beginning knitter feels when they have to pull out their needles and rip back 10 rows. Me and that beginning knitter know that we can’t go on with things they way they are now. But we also know that we may be creating an enormous disaster that will be beyond our abilities to fix.

cat photo-bombing crochet granny squre
Sometimes I can’t come up with a new or creative way to say that my Feline Overlord is adorable and I love her but she is also a big pain in the butt. So I’ll just let the pictures say that for me.

I always tell that beginning knitter to go for it. Take a deep breath, I say, and do it. Don’t be afraid to dive into the deep end of the pool.

I’ve been telling myself pretty much the same thing and you see how effective its been, right? Right. But now that I realize I’ve been blogging for a whole year, I feel like I can take the plunge. Maybe I’m not such a beginner any more. I’m going to try a blog out there in the wild, wild digital world. If it all works out I’ll be able to get these annoying, nonsensical ads off of here and (maybe) replace them with ads for stuff that people who read a yarn blog are actually interested in. I won’t have to worry that every time I recommend a good book, it will be mis-interpreted as an attempt at a back-door affiliate deal. On an independently hosted site, I’ll be able to make honest and open recommendations and if I do actually get a few pennies out of it through an affiliate deal, I’ll be honest and open about that too. And maybe (maybe, just maybe) I can get a comment management system in place that isn’t such a pain in the neck to use. 

in progress crochet granny-square poncho
I was showing this off this week (and had big expectations) and among the “ohhs”, “ahhs”, and compliments I got this: “Is that a Christmas tree skirt?” and “But you not going to do fringe right?” No it is not a Christmas tree skirt and Oh Momma will there be fringe! Can’t have a retro, crochet, granny-square poncho in acrylic yarn and not.do.fringe. That would be a crime. A misdemeanor at least.

So I’m going to do it. Right after I hit publish on this post. And get a fresh cup of coffee. And backup the site. And take a deep breath.

Then I’ll tell the nice people at Arvixe that they can take over hosting my site and let them do their complementary web-site transfer which they claim will be completely painless and invisible.

I hope I see you one the other side!

29 thoughts on “Happy Blog-O-Versary

  1. Good Luck! I’m sending some pixel dust your way! Sprinkle it on your computer, say googley moogley 3 times, turn all the way around and straight on to blog success. Second star on the right.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Happy blogoversary! Good luck and more pixie dust for your move. We don’t want to lose you. And OMG I have some yarn with both those labels from the stash my old neighbor gave me. Your poncho is really beautiful. Love the color combo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I love the colors for this too, especially that avocado green. That’s not the official name for it, and I forget what is, but that;s what I call it! Its such a perfectly retro color.


  3. Love the poncho! I went through a phase in my teens when I loved everything 70’s, while everyone else told me it would never be back in style. Yay for the fringe!

    Happy anniversary, and good luck on the move!


  4. Happy Blogoversary! Don’t worry, we’ll find you and continue to follow your wit and wisdom anywhere it goes. Yep, I had an acrylic poncho with fringe and loved it. Nice idea – I love the square neck hole.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lololol. Thanks so very much for the support. I spent most of yesterday have been on the phone with customer support and today its been non-stop emails. I guess things are happening but I can’t seen any change…. yet.

      I am so impatient with these things.

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  5. Are you going to crochet the matching headband Sorry, just being silly. OF COURSE you are going to crochet the matching headband!
    Good luck with the move. I understand your slight anxiety about it. I used to have a website for my freelance writing and photography business, and when the hosting platform (if that’s the right term, I may have just made it up) decided to fold after several years, I just shut my website down rather than try to pack it and move it somewhere else, THAT’S how much of a coward I am. But YOU are brave and bold and strong, and I salute you! Plus, you’ll be protected from web demons by your personal armor-poncho.
    (And headband.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A headband would be the perfect accessory. I’ll have to put some yarn aside to that!

      I do have semi-formed plans to add beads, bid honking wooden beads to the fringe. Well have ti see!


      1. There’s always the Giant PomPoms on dangling neck ties feature to consider as well. I almost mentioned it yesterday, but the headband seemed more important, and I didn’t want to gild the lily. Much. 😉


  6. *Morning to any visitors who stop by!*

    There has been much back and forth between myself and customer support. From what I can tell the move hasn’t happened yet but exports/copies of the entire site have been made. So I’m holding off posting any new content (as that would not be in the export and would be lost… I think).

    So I’ll just have to content myself with rambling on the comment section and crocheting on my poncho. And drinking coffee. And getting impatient. And maybe a tiny bit anxious.


  7. Will your new blog be same name as this! I’m not sure if I follow you I think I do cuz I get your emails! GOOD LUCK and HAVE A GREAT DAY! GORGEOUS PONCHO! I would love to crochet one but want one with a v neck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My new blog will be at rovingcrafters.com, yes. I just need to get it moved into its new home.

      As for that poncho… you can wear it as a V-neck. Just have to turn it about 45 degrees! Actually that’s just how I plan to wear it, with a point going down my center. A nice V of striped might make me even look a bit taller.


  8. Just dropping in to see how things are going with the transition, and how you are holding up. Also to let you know I have thought of the perfect accessory for your poncho outfit: a fondue pot. Seriously. Listen, I was there, and I remember.
    Hang in there, Jenn!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hey ladies I still have a full set of fondue forks!! The pot is long gone. Those forks have all sorts of uses from dipping chocolates at Christmas to reaching in places I ordinarily couldn’t reach. I do have some useful pack rat tendancies. Hope everything is OK with Jenn.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m hanging in there! Thanks.

      And who knew that fondue would stir up such fond memories? I wonder why they ever went out of fashion? Did microwaves put them in the retirement home?


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