Impatiently on a Thursday

Waiting is hard.

Impatients – a lovely flowering annual that gets its name from its exploding seed capsules. I guess they don’t like waiting either.

The status of my blog move seems to be:

  • my content is over at the new place (yay!)
  • Its loaded up and ready to go (yay!)
  • it comes with a whole bunch of new features that will probably take months to for a techie-impaired Luddite like me figure out (what else is new?)
  • but my domain name hasn’t moved yet. It still points to my old site. (frown)
  • which means that any visitor who come to hang out with me is getting redirected to the old site (bigger frown)
  • and there is nothing to do about that but wait. (really big frown)

So I’ve been waiting for two and a half days now and acting a bit like an eight year old boy with ADHD. Here is a (mostly) complete list of things that I’ve been doing while waiting:

  • went out bought (therapy) chocolate donuts

photo credit : Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Texas State History Museum
  • sent 8 emails to customer support in two different companies
  • crocheted some (but not much) on my poncho

  • sanitized the litter boxes
  • did some (but not much) spinning

  • called tech support approximately 7 times
  • vacuumed
  • knit some (but not much) on the shawl prototype that I have in-design that should have been done last month
  • drank lots of coffee

I’m really not good at waiting. The honest truth is that if this blog move wasn’t in limbo, I wouldn’t have done half of these things. I can be just as sluggish and just as unproductive as the next person. But if I have to wait for somebody or something, if I get into a situation that I have no control over, I get a little hyper. I can’t sit still and blow off a whole day watching TV or something.

I’ve been racing around so much that Feline Overlord is no longer taking any interest in me or the things that I do. She even passed on this opportunity to ravish some gorgeous unspun roving.

I that picture tells the real story about the state of affairs around here, don’t you think?

The last human I spoke to about this situation very, very gently told me that the domain name transfer stuff could happen any minute or it could take up to three more days. I’m pretty sure that if it takes three more days my home will be sparkling clean and my girl-kitty will be looking for a new place to live. Boy-kitty is already hanging out on top of the bookcase and refusing to come down.

Btw, this post, and any others that I make between now and whenever the domain transfer goes through, will disappear. Unlike everything else you say and do and post to the internet, this will be forever erased! So feel free to say anything you’d like in the comments knowing that it will disappear into the internet ether. Go nuts!

I already have.

14 thoughts on “Impatiently on a Thursday

  1. Great sympathy! I *should* be madly packing–and cleaning the house–preparing for a short trip. Instead, I’m hypnotized by getting my electronics in order for the trip. And trying to decide which two–ONLY TWO–WIP’s I’m taking along. And wishing I didn’t have to leave at 5 AM to catch a 3 hour flight that thanks to time zones, which I hate, means I don’t get where I’m going until 6 PM.
    May your electrons alight extra quickly and beautifully, and your boy cat decide it’s safe to come down!

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  2. It is HOT in my part of Texas ans has been for a while. Getting hotter by the day too. So! today I finally forced myself to get up early. That meant I could take the dog for her Walk early. The Walk is the most important event our day.
    So getting out and back early meant the laundry got hung out early, the 2 Texas sheet cakes got delivered for the funeral this afternoon early and my poor truck got the bugs scrapped off. All before noon.
    My kitchen floor is still sticky form all the powered sugar and coco that didn’t make it into the cakes but I’m pooped.
    All this is a way to lead up to saying: Dearest Jenn, if you need something to tackle while you wait on your blog, I have this floor…

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  3. So sorry for your tech worries Jen. After having the plumber out for our annual inspection and being told our current water heater ison it’s last legs and it’ll be $1100.00 to replace I seem to have lost my get up and go. I did get the floors washed and ripped out a knitting project but really itching to sit and watch some cooking shows😁
    Hope all goes well with the transfer and it happens soon!

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    1. Thanks for the kind wishes! I’ll add them to the curse-word-filled diatribe that is running non-stop in the background of my brain, lol

      Have fun with the cooking shows but beware… they lead to the munchies!


    1. Ahh. I will be using wordpress software to create and maintain my blog, because that is free domain, but not on a wordpress controlled site. What that means is I will get to keep the parts of wordpress blog stuff that I like and not be forced into using all of it. I get to mix and match.

      There are MANY widgets, for free and for cheap, that offer alternative ways to manage comments. I want one that does not try and bully readers into setting up/logging into into their wordpress accounts. Right now I’m giving serious consideration to Disqus. Its used on many high traffic news blogs and I myself like it as a commenter. If I can get it working (crosses fingers) that’s what I’ll use.

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  4. My heartfelt sympathies to you. Been thru several such transitions during my working years. Said things I never thought would come out of my mouth! Btw I have carpet and furniture that needs “de-furring”. Funny how the felines get squirrelly when we get on our cleaning binges. Good luck!

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    1. Well I woke up this morning, checked on the status of my transfer, and said a few dirty words. I’ll admit that.

      The digital universe is going to make me wait the full length of time. Its probably some cosmic test of my patience and I’m going to flunk it.


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