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Thursday Poll – Not to Old to Learn

First Weekly Prize will be announced tomorrow in the Revive-A-Vintage contest. If you show up in this search, you’re eligible!

They say it gets harder and harder to learn new things as you get older but that you should still try because its good for aging, rigid, crusty old brains to think new thoughts. I say that’s a bunch of crap. I’m no spring chicken and I’m learning new stuff all the time!

Stuff I Learned Just this week

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Thursday Poll – A few changes are coming

Over the next week or so we’ll be making some changes to the site here at Roving Crafters. Back when we had 32 visitors a day (and I was damn thrilled to have them!) we could get by with a little freebie site from WordPress. But now there are so many more of you and the upgrades I thought we could put off for at least six more months have to be done pretty soon. Continue reading Thursday Poll – A few changes are coming

Thursday Poll for Knitters and Crocheters

Where Do You Hide Your Stash?

When I was married, I used to hide my stash of yarn and fiber from the future-ex-husband. You see, I had a hard time explaining why I was bring home more purple yarn when I had just bought 17 skeins of purple yarn the week before. It was easier to just hide it! Today I hide my stash from the Feline Overlord. Not because she complains about my spending habits but because she wants to kill/play with/make sweet lovin’ to my new purple yarn. Also my new green yarn. And my new rainbow yarn. And all of my roving.

I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding stash but… I’m always open to new ideas. Feel free to add them in the comments!

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Thursday Poll – That’s Some Mighty Fine Fur You Got There

I was chatting online with some spinner-ly people the other day. We were swapping tales of the stuff non-spinners ask us. I had my list. But I had forgotten one very important question that comes up a lot.

“Do you spin your pet’s hair?”

Do I look like a sheep to you?

I’m reserving my answer. I wouldn’t want to influence anyone in the highly scientific polling we got going on here. So, where do my Roving Crafters come down on the pet-hair-into-yarn issue? Let’s find out!


(BTW, I don’t get what’s going on with the polls. They get lots of views. Some weeks, poll day is my best day! But… but… very few readers seem to click ’em. I don’t understand that at all. Me? I love to tell people what I think, lol.)

Thursday Poll – What do you do about that stash?

(a popular meme from I-don’t-know-where)

A few crafters I know have been making disturbing statements lately. They are talking about cleaning out their yarn stashes.


I can see where someone would feel the need to get rid of stuff this time of year. Its after Christmas so chances are you have new stuff to fit into your home. The weather is cruddy so chances are you’ve been stuck in your home way too much. Your stuff seems like too much stuff and its bugging you. Something has to go.

But does it have to be the yarn?  Do crafters really throw out their yarn?

Thursday Poll – We All Make Mistakes

I’m talking about the inevitable mistakes that find their way into our yarn-y creations of course. We all make ’em. Some we live with. Others we rip out before anyone can ever see them!



For the record, I’ve done that last one. I finished the left-side front of a cardigan and was feeling pretty pleased with myself and started the other front piece. I was half-way through it before I realized it was ALSO a left-sider. Then I sat and stared at it really, really hard and tried to fix it with the power of my brain. When that didn’t work, I started ripping.

Happy New Year and How About We Have a Poll

Its Thursday so that means a poll. Its also New Years. That means I’m thinking about promises and resolutions and making grand plans for becoming a more organized, more efficient, super-human.


Some of my resolutions are about setting aside more time for prayer and more money for charity. Those will probably get done. Some of my resolutions are about improving personal health by eating less junk and getting more excessive. Those might get done. Then there is the resolution to do a better job with the housework and cleaning. That won’t get done at all. Who am I trying to kid here?

I need to give myself some fun resolutions too. This is stuff I want to do. Stuff that will get done waaaaay in advance of cleaning the house and exercising.  Stuff that I was going to probably do anyway but, by making them New Year Resolutions, I’ll get extra credit for having done them.

So I’ve made today’s poll all about picking a satisfying, yarn-y related resolution. Or two. On this poll, you can choose more than one option.


Edited to Add: I took the poll and I voted for… all of them. What can I say? I wrote the poll, lol. They all sound like fun to me.