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Happy Blog-O-Versary

This month is my one year anniversary on this blog. Its such an important event that I accidentally noticed it only yesterday. Yep, it was last August that I made my first post here at Roving Crafters.

detail of crochet granny quare

Don’t bother to read that first post. I’m certainly not going to. A while ago I was told that bloggers should never go back and read their older stuff because they will likely hate it and be tempted to pull it down. That sounds like good advice and I’m following it.

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A (Mostly) Finished Rag Bag!

Today is Hooray Day for me because I’m (mostly) finished with my Rag Bag Crochet Tote.

crochet tote bag made from rags

I like the bag. The Feline Overlord likes the bag. Even Cowardly Boy Cat seems to like the bag. Best of all? I have plenty of pictures to show how I (mostly) finished it off, instead of a bunch of clever excuses like last time.

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From Sheets to Yarn – Starting a Rag Crochet Project

How to Turn Sheets into Balls of Yarn

(with extra help for those who live under feline rule)

rag crochet - turning old sheets into balls of yarn

I’ve done rag crochet projects like this before and here are two things I’ve learned

  1. its a lot of work to get your “rags’ ready to crochet, and
  2. a certain troublesome furry little creature that I live will be all over it every step of the way

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Knitting and Crocheting and Taking Pictures Of It All

I’m a realist. If all I did was write about the things I knitted and crocheted and spun, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. There has to be pictures and lots of them. Any picture, even a cruddy one, is better than no picture.  But a good picture?

A good picture will grab your attention faster than anything else I can do on a web page. I’m always trying to take the very best pictures I can.

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Taking Some Twist Out of The Noro (and other yarns!)

Love Noro. In my not-so-humble opinion, no one does color like Noro. Of all the yarns they make, Taiyo is my favorite in Colorway No 1.

Noro Taiyo yarn in colorway No 1

Its nice right? Right. But its twisty. As you stitch with it it doubles back on itself and that can be a pain. If you’ve worked with Noro you’ve encountered this. All their singles are overspun. A more generous soul would call them energized singles. I’m not that generous and I want it to stop twisting. So I take the time to “finish” my Noro yarn with steam.

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Weekly Rec – Mackerel Should Come with a Warning Label

Feline Overlord and I are six months into our regimen of regular Mackerel eating and its going great! Really, just great. She is doing so fantastic with her supplements of this amazingly stinky fish that I might not survive. 

Club Mackerel: Cat Super-Charger!

can a club mackerel
Remember this stuff?

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Picking a Pattern for Handspun Yarn

My polwarth spinning project is progressing. I have a few finished skeins to show off and, while I’m not done with the spinning, I’m far enough along that I’m thinking about patterns. Any pattern I use for a handspun yarn has to be flexible, workable in any weight of yarn, and easy to modify to suit the amount of yarn I actually have. Here are some patterns that have what I’m looking for.

Four Patterns That Will Work For Handspun Yarn

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